The Most Magical Potion:Breast Milk

Magical Breastmilk
Magical Breast milk

Breast milk is a magical potion that gives my baby exactly what she needs, whenever she needs it.

My daughter Luna, was born weighing 4 pounds due to a problem with my placenta. She had severe intrauterine growth was a very scary time.

As soon as Luna was born, and as tiny as she was, she latched on to my boob and started nursing. She knew exactly what to do and my body did too. My body very quickly started producing a delicious fatty milk, to help my baby thrive. My breasts literally quadrupled in size. I was so engorged for a few days, that I kept cold cabbage leaf wrapped around my boobs. My doula, a dear friend of mine, helped me express my milk, and occasionally I nursed her baby too, for relief.  Perhaps my body was a little too good at making potion. 😉 haha

Now, at 4 months old, I am happy to report that my daughter weighs 14 pounds! She has been exclusively breastfed.  Luna is happy, chubby, and very healthy.

Look at those cheeks!
Look at those cheeks!

I can go on and on about the benefits of breastfeeding, but I will try to keep this post short.

When Luna was 6 weeks old, my teenage son had a SEVERE case of chickenpox. And before his rash appeared, he had been kissing Luna and holding her all the time..(this is the time chickenpox is most contagious) We were very scared for the health of Luna, such a young age to be exposed to chickenpox. But guess what? Luna didn’t get sick. The antibodies in my breast milk worked as a magical shield and protected her.

Breast milk, ‘mother’ nature knows best.

Even though she was born tiny, I gained nearly 30 pounds during my pregnancy. Breastfeeding helped my uterus and my body shrink down to almost pre-pregnancy size within a few weeks.

There are so many benefits to breastfeeding!!!

More than anything, I love that I am able to provide such warm, loving, and magical nourishment for my baby.  I love laying in bed with Luna and barely waking up as she squirms around to find my boob. I love the little noises she makes as she gulps down my milk. I love how sometimes she isn’t hungry at all, but she just enjoys the comfort of our closeness. I enjoy it too. Our sacred bond. I love this time.

In a few months I will start introducing different foods to Luna. I will continue to breastfeed. (I nursed my son until he was 4 years old) But I already know I will miss this beautiful time. Breastfeeding, mother and baby bonding. The connection is strong.

Baby love
Baby love

Motherhood. A magical journey.

Cheers to potions and love~Yogini Tiff


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