Magical Messages in Dreams

Two years ago I had a very vivid dream. In the dream, I was given a message, more like a command, by my stubborn Portuguese  grandmother (who died several years ago).  In the dream, I was told, very clearly that I needed to go to the Azores. I woke up and knew this message was not to be ignored. 

I have learned it is very important to pay attention to vivid dreams, signs, messages, visions, and intuition. 

Magically and with very little effort on my part, everything lined up (including the money for the plane tickets), and my son and I were soon on an airplane.

I still had no idea why we were making such a trip. I had no idea what to expect..Other than a few short trips to Canada and Mexico,  I had never even left the United States. I was STEPPING INTO THE UNKNOWN……….with nothing but faith and a Portuguese phrase book.

And now here I am two years later, living in the Azores (Atlantis) in a small cottage in a picturesque village. I have a beautiful little Portuguese baby, I am in love with a handsome and loving Portuguese man, and my teenage son is having the best time of his life and he is fluently speaking Portuguese.

I am amazed. I am grateful. I am in awe. 

Follow the dream, dance your dance.. LIVE.

Our Village, Valverde, Santa Maria Azores
Our Village, Valverde, Santa Maria Azores


Believe in Magic. ~Yogini Tiff

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