I Had No Idea My Hair Could Be So Dangerous

I have a lot of hair. It is kind of insane how much hair I have. Every time I have gotten my haircut, the hairdresser says “I have never seen anyone with such thick hair.” People say it is amazing. I think of my hair as a frizzy mess.  It constantly has at least two very well formed dreadlocks in the back. Not that I am complaining. I am happy with my hair.Well, I was happy. Now it is a source of daily anxiety.

It is a well known fact that women have fuller and thicker hair during pregnancy. It is also a well known fact that postpartum, that lovely hair starts to fall out. And sometimes in clumps.

Anyways, A few weeks ago, it was really nice out.  I went on a walk along the beach with my baby, and I decided it was warm enough to take off  her socks. My daughter is really cute, really smiley, and really chubby. I mean really chubby. She has rolls and folds and oh she is just so cute and healthy. Good ol’ breast milk and lots of kisses.  Anyways, I took her socks off, tickled her feet and we continued our walk. It was lovely.

We got home, I changed a diaper, kissed my daughters precious feet, and noticed her second and third toe on her right foot looked pretty swollen. Concerned, I took a closer look. I was horrified.  One of my hairs had managed to wrap around my baby’s second and third toe, it was wrapped tightly. I started panicking. My baby was going to lose her toes. I tried to unwrap the hair. She started to bleed.

I was panicking and crying, Luna was bleeding and SCREAMING. My teenage son was the calm one. He secured Luna, he told me to breathe. I went and got the surgical scissors out of the bathroom, and while having an anxiety attack, I managed to cut the hair and save her little toes. She calmed a few minutes later. It took me HOURS!

A few days later, I was walking with a friend who also has a young baby and I told her the hair horror story. She said “I have heard of that before, it is called a hair tourniquet.”    A what? 

Anyways, I went home, looked it up, and sure enough I saw lots of images of baby toes and fingers that closely looked like Luna’s. I learned that it could have been much worse, I learned that often Drs will put a chemical to burn the hair off (I imagine something like Nair), I also learned hair tourniquets happen sometimes in other places too. Think baby boy. Yikes!

Anyways, I am happy to report that after about a week, the marks on Luna’s toes went away. But now, I check her hands and feet at least 10 times a day. I contemplated shaving my head to protect her, but my sweetheart talked me out of it. 😉 Image

Be careful with your hair.  Baby toes are precious.

Happy Spring~Yogini Tiff


7 thoughts on “I Had No Idea My Hair Could Be So Dangerous

  1. Rebecca Gore

    Yikes! She is beautiful… Did you hear Sherman is getting married June 7th… If you’re in the states by any chance, we would love to see you and your family! Love, Aunt Becky

    1. Oh, wow. No I didn’t know Sherman was getting married. That is wonderful! Congratulations! I am not sure when we will make it back to the states. But I want to! I really want Joao to see how beautiful Washington is.. (in the summer). haha. I love you Aunt Becky!

    1. Wow. I had never even heard of such a thing.
      Yes, good big brother. He is much wiser than I will probably ever be. haha.
      I need to go check out recent posts on your site..;)
      Thank you my wise astrologer friend.
      Take care too. xxx

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