The Beauty of the Pregnant Body

I was a nude art model during my pregnancy with my daughter. It was something I had never done, never even considered, but the opportunity to model for an art class appeared, and I did it. Several classes. I thought I would be scared to sit in front of  a room full of artists, totally naked. But I wasn’t scared.. I actually really enjoyed it. I felt powerful. The pregnant body is so beautiful. Magical. Sacred.

Naked Art Modeling
Naked Art Modeling

We live in a society that tells us our bodies are not beautiful if we are not thin. We live in a society where many women spend their entire pregnancy stressed and obsessed about their weight gain. Well it is time to change all that!  I say we celebrate and flaunt our pregnant bodies. Whatever size we may be.

Healthy and happy is Beautiful. Full, round, confident. I refuse to let a magazine tell me how to look, act, or be. 

CIMG6073 20130807_191012

Belly Casting with my dear friend Katherine


Bikinis, belly casts, photography, paintings, sketches. Take your clothes off.  Embrace it. Enjoy it. Dance.

A 15 minute art sketch by the  super talented artist Jill Lavetsky
A 15 minute art sketch of me, by the super talented artist Jill Lavetsky 



Another 15 minute sketch, my body when I was 6 1/2 months pregnant
Another 15 minute sketch, my body when I was 6 1/2 months pregnant

We are Goddesses of Creation. We bring life and light to the world. We are mothers. We are beautiful.

~Yogini Tiff

Check out Jill’s art work at


5 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Pregnant Body


    Yes our bodies are amazing no matter what size. I love the pictures its so cool to carry a child inside of you . I think for a women Its an amazing gift 🙂 Good taste 🙂 Keep on posting I enjoy reading your blog 🙂

  2. Fantastic you explored this experience ! In my old art museum days, life-sized nude oil self portraits of this very subject matter keeled the old school docents off their nut.
    Younger artists saw their natural beauty, applauded it. Did you paint your life mask ? Will you share it if you do ? I’d love to see it ! X

    1. Actually, I dont have the belly cast.. I gave it to the artist who gave me these sketches. Kind of a large and delicate thing to bring to the Azores.. but nonetheless, I had so much fun making it. Also, I know this post is showing all, but I just go with it.. whatever i want to write i write. I think it is healthy to see a naked body as art.. I want to hear more about your old school art museum days!

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