Yoga At A Gym, An Unexpected Miracle

This is an old post, but I reread it today and was truly amazed once again by the strangeness and the magic of my journey… this was written before I had ever been to the Azores, and about a class and a time dear to my heart. xxxx

Flowing Yogini

Two years ago, a fellow yoga teacher called me, and asked if I had interest in taking over one of her classes at a nearby gym. I was teaching a lot of classes at the time, and I had no interest in teaching at a gym. “I can’t teach GYM yoga!” was my snobby response.

Anyways, a couple of days later,  I was at my son’s rehearsal for a play he was in. Sitting and waiting, I had a conversation with one of the other mom’s. She happened to be the fitness coordinator from the very same gym. She asked if I would teach a class there. I realized there was clearly a divine pull for me to teach there. So, I told her I would try it. Honestly, I never would have looked for a class at a gym. Gyms make me uncomfortable. I need a quiet, sacred space to practice. But, I agreed to teach…

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