Potato Harvesting

My family woke up early this morning. We drank some carrot and lemon juice and got to work. Potatoes!! We would have waited a few more weeks, but our potatoes needed saving. The once beautiful green leaves of our potato plants very quickly started to turn a sickly color of brown. I am not exactly sure what causes this potato problem, potato gardening is pretty new to me. My sweetheart calls the illness “mangra.” He said sometimes the weather causes mangra but that it can be caused by many things. Our neighbors told us it was because we didn’t spray with chemicals... (I just smile and pretend I don’t understand Portuguese) 😉 

Anyways, whatever it is caused by, the illness causes the potato plant to stop growing. There are 2 choices: Harvest the potatoes or allow them to rot in the soil. There is nothing wrong with the potatoes, they are still edible, but much smaller than they would have been.

Gardening is a good workout
Gardening is a good workout


Dirty and Tired…When I think of myself, I generally think I am pretty tough. Well, four hours of hard work in the garden today sure gave me a lesson in toughness!. My body is tired. My hands, they hurt. I have blisters on my (insanely delicate) hands, and pain under the bed of my finger nails from hours of digging around in search of potatoes. Growing food is hard work. But it felt so good!

Hands in the dirt. Harvesting the food that we grew! Every time I found a really big  beautiful potato I felt this rush of joy, like I had dug up a great treasure. I shouted out repeatedly “Wow, look at this one!!”

Luna enjoyed our gardening too..
Luna teething, gnawing on some leafy greens,  enjoying our gardening too..

I am actually really amazed that such a small area of land produced that many potatoes. My sweetheart on the other hand thinks we harvested a very small amount of potatoes because of mangra. Whatever! We have a ton of potatoes.  

Seriously, today’s harvest really got me thinking  about how much food can be grown in even the smallest of yards. And how growing food really should be a part of every child’s education.  We have two enormous crates full of fresh organic potatoes..


We still have another garden bed with healthy potatoes growing. But I am pretty sure we have enough potatoes for a very long time.

Grow food not lawns.

Perhaps I have found my calling. :)~Mrs Potato head

"Hahaha, Mrs Potatohead, my mom is a dork"
“‘Mrs Potato head’?!? Haha my mom is a dork!!”




One thought on “Potato Harvesting

  1. rinawantsacabin@aol.com

    Yes that’s amazing how many potatoes you guys got I am impressed 🙂 It’s hard work . I believe its good for children. I love the Kale that Luna has in her mouth 🙂 She’s pretty 🙂 Tiff take care of your amazing pretty hands 🙂 My farmer girl 🙂

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