La Luna: Lessons From Saturn, A Simple Ritual

Exactly 3am, suddenly wide awake. I felt the call. “Do not try to sleep my dear daughter, there is work to be done.”  I rose out of bed and walked to the window. I greeted the Moon and got to work.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit...
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit…

That was last night, or this morning rather. There is no denying my connection to the moon. There have been times when I looked at the upcoming full moon with a sense of fear and dread.. too much energy, it is impossible for me to act or think “normally.”

BUT, when I step into my power, I honor my connection to the Moon. I am a strong wise woman, a mother, a healer, a witch. I know what to do.

I now embrace the energy of the moon. Our connection. I feel the lessons from Saturn. I also feel the need to share a little ritual.

This particular moon energy is perfect for solitary rituals. We have a huge opportunity for tremendous emotional and spiritual growth. 

Here is a simple Ritual:

First, and before the full moon rises (it rises at sunset), take a few deep breaths, and think about the following questions. Write down the questions and answers on a blank piece of paper. 

What difficulties have you encountered recently?

What lessons have you learned?

What would you like to manifest? Be very clear and descriptive about what you ask for…. 

Next, Set up a little altar. It can be as simple as a candle, a stone, a picture, an affirmation, etc…but make it meaningful to you. Think about the questions and answers, the lessons you have learned and what you would like to manifest.

To help the effectiveness of the Ritual, today eat a very “sattvic” diet, basically eat healthy, light, fresh fruit, vegetables, and drink plenty of fresh pure water. … Buddhist Lamas and monks do not eat on the new or full moon, in fact, many people choose to fast on water or juice at the full moon, but for me, eating light and healthy works best..

As the sunsets and the moonrises,  spend sometime outside or at a window. Gaze and connect with the beauty and energy of the full moon.. Slow down your breathing and you will feel strong pulsing at the third eye, and possibly your entire body. Go deeper into that feeling…

Call upon your spirit guides, angels, and other Divine beings to assist you. Visualize you have a circle of Divine light surrounding you.

Breathe! Meditate for at least 10 minutes.  Clear the mind completely and allow the powerful moon energy to  re-energize the body and soul.

When you feel ready, read your questions and answers (aloud or silently),and think about the lessons you have learned. The difficulties you encountered. Thank Saturn for the lessons and assure Saturn that you understand what you have been taught. You are ready to shed the past and create new realities.

Ask for assistance in manifesting. Close your eyes. Visualize yourself showered in light, light from the moon, and still surrounded by a circle of divine light.. Harness the energy, manifest for the highest good… Remember anything you send out (even thoughts), come back to you with three times the energy…

When you feel the time is right, thank your guides, the energy of the Moon, the lessons of Saturn, and the many blessings on their way.

Magical Full Moon Blessings
Magical Full Moon Blessings


Keep your paper in a safe place and come back to it on the next full moon. Have faith. Magic is real.

Howling at the Moon~Tiff








3 thoughts on “La Luna: Lessons From Saturn, A Simple Ritual


    Interesting magic full of good information 🙂 I do learn allot from you Blog 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂

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