Prainha Santa Maria Azores, Refreshed

Yesterday I had my first swim of the year. I wasn’t planning on going swimming.  I didn’t even have a bathing suit with me. But often, the best things in life aren’t planned!

Living on a small island in the Azores, and loving nature, we spend a lot of time hiking. Yesterday the weather was perfect. Warm, sunny, bright, and cheery. On days like this, there is nowhere in the world I would rather be than on this island.

Hiking to Prainha
Hiking to Prainha


We packed some food and water and hiked to a secluded beach called ‘Prainha’. As we slowly hiked down to the beach, every direction I looked I felt a sense of awe, “HOW DO I LIVE HERE?!?!” There are ruins of an old fort along the hike, and to me, that just adds to the magic.

We had the entire beach to ourselves, the entire day. My teenage son spent hours alternating between swimming and rolling in the sand.

My Gemini Guys Enjoying a swim
My Gemini Guys Enjoying a swim

While the baby took a nap, I did a fluid and very healing yoga practice. My body floated to the rhythm and the energy of the ocean waves.. Connected and blissful.

The ocean beckoned. The water was a little chilly. But I couldn’t resist.  I dove right into a little wave.  It felt so good to swim. Every cell in my body felt refreshed.

Yogini Tiff, prainha

We spent the day exploring, laughing, eating, and recharging. We all had so much fun. But next time we will bring our snorkeling gear. Apparently this little beach is home to hundreds of octopus. 

The hike back up was steep and a little challenging. The sun was strong. It was HOT out! There was a large herd of cows blocking the trail, but even the cows were in a good mood, they ‘moo’ved over just enough, and let us pass without any problems.

Refreshed~Yogini Tiff





6 thoughts on “Prainha Santa Maria Azores, Refreshed

    1. Thank you Cynthia. Having survived winter here (without a heater), I can say The Azores are magical, and very much like the myth of Persephone who spends half the year in the underworld. Winter is not “cold” temperature wise, but very cold with the wind and rains.. Whatever season, this island is hauntingly beautiful, rich in history, and my family.. But I am happy for days of warm sun and happy cows!! Ha! Thank you again for reading and supporting. LOVE

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