Pose of The Week: Warrior III, Virabhadrasana III

Warrior III is a challenging and beautiful pose.  Aligning us with our inner and outer strength, this is a pose that requires concentration, strength, and balance.

Warrior III, Balanced, Stable, Strong
Warrior III, Balanced, Stable, Strong

The physical benefits of the pose:

Strengthens the legs, feet, and ankles

Builds focus, balance, and improves posture

Strengthens the core

Strengthens the arms and shoulders

Stretches the entire body, particularly hamstrings, inner thighs, shoulders and arms

Warrior III is also known as ‘Virabhadrasana III’, and is named after a Fierce Warrior, one of the incarnations of Shiva.

There are many different ways to come into Warrior III.  Typically in my own practice and when I teach, we start in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) or in Warrior I.

Warrior I
Warrior I

Starting from Warrior I, transfer the weight into the front leg

Slowly the upper body charges forward

Torso parallel to the ground

The back leg lifts, hips square to the floor

Feel the front foot ground

Slowly straighten the front leg and balance

The upper body, arms and back leg are all level, parallel to the floor


Arm Variations with Warrior III
Arm Variations with Warrior III


Arm Variations:

Arms can stretch forward, out to the sides (airplane style), or along the side of the body, fingers stretching back.


 Warrior Three, Finding balance in the Azores
Warrior III, Arms Stretch Forward

I feel most powerful in the pose when my arms extend forward, hands are in Kali Mudra. Fingers interlaced, pointer fingers connected and  stretching forward.

Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Switch sides.

When we connect to the energy of this pose, we truly cultivate a sense of strength, our warrior energy.

If you ever experience a deep feeling of defeat, or feel you simply have no more strength, give the warrior poses a try, you will find you are stronger than you realize. 

To developing our inner and outer strength. ~Yogini Tiff







5 thoughts on “Pose of The Week: Warrior III, Virabhadrasana III

  1. How many times should we do it for? I have to hold on to something. I have tried, but I give up… I’m going on vacation, but when I come back, I have to do something about my weight and back issues and I was thinking about trying a milder/beginner yoga class or getting a tape… Do you recommend any that is for back aches? Thanks.

    1. Hi!! I would love to hear about your vacation. Honestly, yoga can be very good for back problems.. However, it is important to do the right style of yoga with the right teacher. Honestly, I think gentle yoga classes are the way to go. There are many intense yoga styles that most of us need to build up to.. There are many poses I used to do, that I do not do now, because my body is simply not strong enough (after a difficult pregnancy and bedrest).Start slow. Gentle. I am going to think about recommendations and get back to you. Your question is very important and I want to answer it properly.Also, you have inspired me to write about yoga and weight… so stay tuned. All the best. With gratitude.

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