And the Story Continues..

Where to begin? I am sitting in a little cafe in Vila Do Porto typing this. The building  is really beautiful and nearly two hundred years old. Rich in history and ghosts. My sweetheart is here holding the baby, watching soccer, drinking a ‘Super Bock’ (a Portuguese beer) along with the rest of the island. Portuguese people go crazy for soccer.

Life has changed since my last post. Being at a cafe, I will be brief and this post will probably have many errors.. But my blog is important to me, and though I haven’t written in a little while, the story continues.

My daughter got her first tooth, my son turned 15, I had two articles published, I teamed up with a beautiful and talented Portuguese woman and created an Organization, Vibracaos Magicas, we just held a  two day yoga/mandala/ full moon retreat, and on top of all of that,  my family and I moved into a beautiful and VERY secluded  house near the ocean for the summer!

Our new house doesn’t have the internet, which is both a blessing and a challenge.  But the stories are there..  and some of them are magical.

I will write again soon. Stay tuned.

Lots of love and Magic.

~Yogini Tiff


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