Magical Summer

Praia Formosa
Praia Formosa

When magical opportunities arise, say YES. 

Living here for summer. Hooray.

Happy Summer Solstice.



2 thoughts on “Magical Summer


    As always, your blog is AWESOME!!! I had a great time catching up with what you’re doing. I can’t believe how much I missed. Your garden is sooooo amazing!!! Added to the beautiful scenery…. heaven on earth.

    I also have to say your pictures are gorgeous, especially the photos of you doing yoga with the sea and sky behind you.

    I’m so really happy things are working out for you and your family in the Azores. You look amazing!!! And I of course am enjoying all the positive and inspirational energy you generously share with us. 😉 😀

    Many thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Violeta!!
      There are real difficulties and there is much personal growth happening for me here.. New County, New language, etc.. Slowly, breath by breath, I am figuring it out. I know I have to live with gratitude for the opportunity I have in front of me.. 🙂
      And as for the photos, thank you.. My partner happens to have a young niece photographer who enjoys taking yoga photos, so that is one of those things that just happened with very little effort.. 🙂 But it to has opened some doors.
      Anyways, Hope everything is well with you. Thank you again for your words and encouragement.
      Big love

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