Pose of the Week:Corpse Pose -Savasana  

Known to be the most important and beneficial pose in yoga, this is a pose where we can and often experience profound healing and magic.

Corpse Pose, Deep Relaxation
Corpse Pose, Deep Relaxation


Some of the many benefits:

Relaxes your central nervous system

Relaxes the body and calms the mind

Reduces headache and fatigue

Helps relieve depression

Cleans and balances our energetic body

And Much More!!

How to properly perform Savasana:

First, slowly lay on your back.

Arms at your sides, palms facing up (the hands are about 6-12 inches away from the body)

Feet open a little more than hip width apart

Toes relax out to the sides

Make any slight adjustments so you can become comfortable

Follow the breath as you allow the body to relax

Relax through the feet, legs, hips, buttocks, back, stomach, heart, chest, shoulders, neck, muscles of the face, and the head.

Relax the mind

Move deeper, relax deeper, relax the breathing

If the mind begins to wander, guide it back to the breath, feel tension dissolve in the mind and the body and float. Don’t judge anything you experience in this pose, just breathe.  Be present.


Guiding  A Student deeper into Corpse pose with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Guiding A Student deeper into Corpse pose with Tibetan Singing Bowls

As an experienced yoga teacher and a long time yoga student, I know this pose is actually very difficult for many people“How is this a pose? We are doing nothing?”

I have seen a number of students get very uncomfortable with this pose, fidgeting, eyes open, chewing gum, texting, or getting up and leaving class..

In fact, in one of the largest classes I used to teach, I had a few students, who would not do this pose (for a few weeks). They thought, “The workout is over”.

My higher wisdom recognizes that not being able to do corpse pose has to do with the restless ‘monkey mind’We can try to explain the importance of the pose, but there really are no words to describe the power and healing. It has to be experienced by the practitioner.

This pose is where so much healing occurs. Breath by breath we let go and tap into our true nature.

Have a Chill Day ~Yogini Tiff


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