Utthita Trikonasana-Extended Triangle Pose

Appropriate and challenging for both the beginner and advanced practitioner, Utthita Trikonasana is a pose that strengthens, stretches, and helps bring balance to our emotions. I LOVE THIS POSE!!


Extended Triangle Pose
Extended Triangle Pose, Gentle Version

Extended Triangle pose stretches the shoulders and chest, stretches the spine and muscles of the back, stretches the hips, calf muscles, legs, and more. This pose also strengthens and tones the muscles of the inner thighs. And most important is that this pose is known to relieve anxiety and helps calm the practitioner. Emotional Balance. 

How To:

Start in Tadasana

Step the right foot back 3 to 4 ft

Turn the right toes out to 90 degrees, feel the hips shift, hips open and square to the right side

Feet Ground. Weight is equally distributed between both feet.

With a deep inhale, Raise your arms parallel, left arm stretches forward, right arm stretches back

With an exhale, the left arm slowly comes down as the right arm stretches up. “Windmill the arms”  Bend from the hip.

The left hand comes to the shin, toes, ankle, or floor (whatever is possible without distorting the length in the torso), right arm stretches up, fingers to the sky.

Shoulders aligned, gaze up beyond the fingers and towards the sky. (if this is uncomfortable on the neck, gaze at center or down towards bottom foot)

Hold the pose for 30 seconds to one minute. Breathe deeply, connect.

To come out of the pose, feel the feet ground, take a deep inhale, and slowly rise. Gaze forward.

Exhale relax the arms and step into Tadasana. Close the eyes. Take several breaths here.

When ready, mindfully do Triangle pose on the other side.





Going Deeper in Triangle: An Option for Triangle pose, Yogis Toe lock
Going Deeper in Triangle: An Option for Triangle pose, Yogi’s Toe lock
An Option To Go Deeper in Triangle, Stretch Deeper, Arm Grasping Inner Thigh
An Option To Go Deeper in Triangle, Stretch Deeper, Top Arm Grasps Inner Thigh


Yoga: Becoming more flexible, mind, body, spirit~Yogini Tiff




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