Pirate Treasures and Greek Muses:The Law Of Perfect Timing

There is so much to write about. But today I feel the need to write about timing. Fate. Destiny.

I was driving home the other day and decided to go a route I normally don’t take. My daughter started having a melt down in her car seat, she was exhausted and hungry from a long day playing in the ocean. I decided to drive on an old dirt road in hopes the bumps on the road would lull my baby to sleep. It didn’t work. She started screaming. I needed to stop the car. I drove a little further and then stopped the car. I got out, picked up my exhausted, sweaty, red-faced screaming baby and started to nurse her. She instantly was calm. I looked down beside me and saw a dirty tarnished old coin. I picked it up, brushed it off and realized I found an extremely old coin.

Turns out the coin is hundreds of years old and is a pirate coin. If I would have stopped the car 5 feet away I never would have seen it. I looked at my treasure with amazement and laughed as I thought of how earlier in the day I made up a crazy story about pirates and my great great grandparents.. (The Azores are rich in Pirate History).

Anyways, my daughter fell asleep. I laid her down,  put the coin in a safe place, and unrolled my yoga mat. I had a beautiful yoga practice on the dirt road, next to the spot where I found the old coin, that I found while I was breastfeeding my tired baby. The Yoga Practice was  amazing. All of it was unplanned. Unexpected. Wonderful.

Anyways, the next day,  I had another even stranger ‘timing event’. My sweetheart and I were going to have a picnic lunch at the port here on the island, but while I was driving to our lunch spot, I suddenly had a strong urge to have  lunch somewhere else. A nearby fort. So without even discussing it, I changed our plan and we had lunch  at the fort. We enjoyed our favas and cantaloupe and the beauty of the day.  Santa Maria  in summer is absolutely breathtaking.

We saw two women come out of a youth hostel. They were about  to start a hike. I smiled, they smiled. And then one of them smiled extra bright and said “Excuse me, are you a yoga teacher?” I said yes.  The woman  said, “I came to this island because I read your website and it seemed so beautiful here I wanted to see this place for myself.”

We were both excited at the fated encounter. We made plans to spend time together and she joined my beach yoga class. She feels strangely familiar. Perhaps we are of the same soul tribe.

Beach Yoga Sao Lourenco Azores
Beach Yoga Sao Lourenco Azores

Yesterday I picked her up and we spent the morning together walking around the woods, talking, connecting, and reminding each other of our true purpose.

It feels amazing to know I influenced this magical woman’s  life through my writing. But the real magic is how she influenced me, more than she probably will ever realize. She brought me a message. A reminder.  I understand.

A fated friendship
A fated friendship

My new beautiful Greek Yogini friend flew away to Lisbon and  is heading off for more adventures.  I wish her a life full of wonderful, magical, and meaningful experiences.

The pirate coin is in my jewelry box, the memories are in my heart, but the greatest treasure is in the message. The law of perfect timing.   Some things are meant to be. Destiny.

Follow Your Intuition~Yogini Tiff



8 thoughts on “Pirate Treasures and Greek Muses:The Law Of Perfect Timing

  1. herongrace

    What a fab synchro story. I love it! I love the way you were rewarded for following your intuition with a pirate coin. I’m sure there is a message there. It would be so lovely doing yoga on a beautiful beach. The photo of you and your friend, I thought you were sisters. You look like twins.

  2. No kidding, passed a pirate carnival ride on the way to work this am after I saw Pirate in the tag line of your email. Immediately thought ok, kismet. What’s UP !?
    I am only now reading in entirety, and I must say this is fabulous, Tiff + new Greek friend –
    I love it ! Pitching in I thought you looked like sisters also. Very cool !

    1. Thank you.. 🙂 We do look alike. Stranger still is that my daughter was completely comfortable being held by my new friend, she normally cries when anyone else tries to hold her. Life is very strange. xxx

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