Flowing With Strength and Grace

8  months ago, I moved with my family to a small island in the Azores. And while this island is full of stunning natural beauty, and amazing people,  in many ways, it has been a struggle. Often, I have felt out of my element and exhausted.

I am living in a new land, learning to speak a new language, trying to understand the rules and rhythm of a different culture and government, meeting new people, trying to make friends, taking care of my family, breastfeeding, and trying to share my love of yoga in any way I can.

It truly is when we are out of our comfort zone that we are actually experiencing much-needed growth. A push in the direction our lives are destined to move in. This is what I remind myself when I start to feel down, overwhelmed, or just desperately want everything to be easier. This is when I really turn to the teachings of Yoga for guidance. This is when I have to remember to let go, stay in the flow, and trust.

Find Ease within the effort. 

Speaking of effort, It has required a great deal of effort to learn to teach Yoga in Portuguese.  Hours upon hours sitting with my partner, asking “How do I say this in Portuguese?”  Writing it down, and trying to pronounce the words properly.  More than once, I have gotten frustrated, felt stupid, and wanted to give up. “It is just too hard, I miss my old life, my old students, my old classes, my old community.”

Anyways, after a teaching several classes, I saw that even with my limited vocabulary, people are still getting the benefits of yoga and meditation. Yes, it is different. I cannot poetically describe the process in words, not yet anyways.  I have to show how to do a pose. If I don’t know how to say something, I simply say “Do this.” and show with my own body. But it works. The breath and the flow are the true poetry.

The truth is, when I remove my ego, my insecurities, my fears, and look at what has happened in the last several months, I see so much growth. I have much to be grateful for, there is magic at work, and clearly I am being guided.

Being out of my comfort zone, I started writing more, and I have had a few articles published.

I recently had a surge of energy guiding me to make short yoga videos, here is my latest. I honestly love the entire process of making these videos, and I am learning so much.  Made with intentions of love, and deep healing, I hope you enjoy it.


My sweetheart and I are in the September issue of Yoga Journal. Something I never thought would happen. But something I see as a message that I am on the right path and I need to keep  flowing with whatever life brings.

One of the experiences I am truly grateful for is teaching yoga outdoors this summer. I have been teaching yoga all over the island. Some of my classes have been small. Some of my classes have been large. All part of the journey. Beach yoga, forest yoga, valley yoga, fort yoga, hiking and yoga, moonrise yoga, and more. There is nothing like teaching yoga outside. There is so much wisdom in nature. The magic of yoga, the magic of nature, and the magic of the Azores. Wow. Profound healing.

Teaching Beach Yoga in Sao Lourenco
Teaching Beach Yoga in Sao Lourenco

I don’t know what the future will bring. But I know we all have the power to flow through life with strength and grace.

~Yogini Tiff



6 thoughts on “Flowing With Strength and Grace

  1. Congrats Tiff !
    Many changes and much to be thankful for ! You have a good heart, it shows ! I have listened to your guided meditation many times. You have a lovely comforting speaking voice, these videos are a natural step for you. Pictures, vibrations speak louder than words, people ‘get it ‘ without the translation, plus they are probably picking up English ! You have many in your class, that’s fantastic ! I will look for your article, very happy for you !

    1. Thanks Gneiss Moon. 🙂 Yes, it is difficult to go through so many changes at once. But breath by breath.. right? 🙂 When i am in my ego, I am stressed, missing the past, and worried about the future.. but when I am operating from “spirit” I know I am here for a reason, I see all the beauty and the benefit . I know there is Divine guiding me. Sometimes the yoga classes are small, sometimes the classes are large, but all part of the journey. Speaking of journey, and astrology, we have some intense energy! Wow, I am going to your site right now to read your words of wisdom. Thank you again. Your words (and the energy) mean so much to me.

      1. Absolutely! You incorporate peace, serenity, and beauty all in one. The peace from the environment, serenity from the actual meditation/yoga, and the natural beauty of a curvaceous Goddess such as yourself!!!

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