I haven’t written in a while. I have tried to write a few times, but the words, they just wouldn’t come out.  I am one who believes when you feel the urge to write, you need to write. Sometimes that creative energy comes, and sometimes it doesn’t. Writing is so strange. Sometimes I want to write about anything and everything. Sometimes the words just don’t flow. But, providing an update, here we go.
We moved again. The house we were living in had a major flooding problem. talk about flow, the pipes broke and the water flowed right out and flooded the whole house. It will need some major repairs. So we moved. Twice.
First we found a little house in a small village in the middle of the island. This village has a lot of cows. Everywhere. Lucky for my daughter, because cows are her favorite animal. Not horses, dogs or cats. No, my girl sees a cow, and her whole face lightens up and she starts babbling excitedly. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Every morning and evening we would go visit the cows. Sometimes they would come see us too, like when I opened the front door and standing right outside was a giant cow. Moo. this island has more cows than people.
This island also has a lot of fruit, and we spent the summer picking and eating it. The blackberries are nearly gone, but the figs, they are everywhere. We have been picking them daily. I just made my 4th batch of Fig jam today. Yum.
My mother recently said half-joking half-horrified, “my college educated daughter spends her time picking fruit and growing kale.” To be honest, I love it. It is the best kind of therapy. Picking fruit can be yoga, when done with mindful awareness. It is much easier to thank and honor the butterflies, the bees, the plants, the fruit, when you are really connected to the process. There is food everywhere. We honor the cycle. There is a time for everything. The blackberries, the strawberry guava, the fig.  AWARENESS. Food can be medicine or poison.
And the seasons change.
My son started school here. 15 years old and attending high school here on a small island in Portugal. He is focusing on math and science. I think he is brave. Difficult academics and in a new language. But he is smart. And he is happy. There is a freedom here, safety. Everyone seems to know everyone. Small island living really has some amazing benefits.  My son takes sailing lessons on the weekend, and will start track and soccer soon.  I have never seen him happier.  🙂

I mentioned that we moved twice, and we did. In fact we just finished today. The cute little house that was surrounded by cows, was also very close to a medium voltage powerline. It made me very nervous, I had frequent headaches and often felt worried about EMFs and my daughter. We spoke with several “experts” who assured me the voltage was very low and would not cause any problems, but my intuition told me otherwise.  I have learned to listen to my intuition.

We found a different house, a little bigger, closer to my son’s school, and far away from power lines. Now we are living in the biggest village on the island. We can still see cows from the window, we have a horse in the backyard, and our neighbors have pigs, but we can walk to the “city”. As if an island of 5000 has a city.  Ha. 🙂

Yoga is going well, I am practicing Asana more on my own. I am getting stronger. My students are getting stronger too. It is beautiful to be a part of.  I love teaching yoga.

Small island life is proving to be a real adventure.

Life is to be lived. More stories soon.

FLOW ~Tiff



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