Grateful For The Magic

We all go through many challenges in our lives. Some of those challenges nearly break us…..

It always seems to me, that whenever I have hit a very low point, the universe steps in. A message that arrives at the perfect time, kind words that bring healing, a long and loving hug, the sound of laughter, a package, a postcard,  simple but powerful things that say “you matter, I love you.”

Sometimes we focus on the people who don’t like us, while overlooking the ones who love us dearly. We spend our time focusing on all that is wrong, rather than all that is right. Sometimes we feel so down that it seems impossible to see the “good.” But it is there.

Sometimes we forget how much power we hold. Our actions and behavior have the power to offer someone deep healing or deep pain.

The world is in desperate need of healers.

There is negative energy out there. We have to protect ourselves. Every morning, upon waking, I connect to my angels, guardians, I ask for their protection and guidance. I want to share my light. I want to share an energy more magical than any other.. LOVE.

As Yogi’s and Yoginis, we try to cultivate the four states of mind known as the ‘brahmaviharas’. Friendliness or lovingkindness (metta), compassion (karuna), joy (mudita), and equanimity (upekkha). This is what leads to Unconditional love.

Cultivate Gratitude 

I am grateful for the lessons life has taught me,  I am grateful for my family, my friends, my yoga students, my yoga teachers, my Spiritual Guide. I am grateful for this beautiful planet. I am grateful for the hardship I have known, the tears I have shed, because through it all, I have grown. I have learned. Nothing gets better through hate and anger. 

It is up to us.  We have the power to heal each other. We have the power to heal the world.

Sometimes our candle goes out, but through kindness and love it can be re-lit.


I hope wherever you are, that you know, you matter. You are loved.

Mudhita, Karuna, Metta, Uphhkata
                                                       Mudhita, Karuna, Metta, Upekkha                                                                                      

Happy Thanksgiving from my heart to yours..


  Photography by Paula Botelho


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