And The Travels Begin

It is early. I am groggy, no sleep. My daughter was up all night, crying, nursing, TEETHING. It is cold here. Windy. But still beautiful.

Last night there was a festival here, music, marching bands, malasadas, Santa. It was cold, but really fun. It was my last night here on this tiny island.. for the next 5 weeks.

Natal Festival Santa Maria
Natal Festival Santa Maria

A few weeks ago, I put it out to the Universe that I desperately needed a trip, back home to the United States.  TOTALLY In awe of how the Universe works, I need to go pack my bags!!  My first flight is this afternoon.

I love living in the Azores in many ways, but I miss family, friends, health food stores, good yoga classes, speaking English!!! The curse of the gypsy.. 

The kids and I are heading off for a grand adventure, sun, snow, friends, family, KOMBUCHA!! It will be hard to be away from my sweetheart, but thank goodness for skype. 

The awesome side of gypsy-hood, is that while the gypsy is always on the move, she makes lots of friends along the way, and is blessed with great places to stay.

First stop, The Island of Sao Miguel.. Stay Tuned.









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