And It is Snowing in Canada

It is super early in Canada. I am typing, drinking coffee, still very much on Europe time, there is no going back to sleep. I took a bath, did a little yoga, and i keep being drawn to the window. Snow. The whiteness of fresh snow, how it changes the appearance of everything, bright, fresh, powdery snow. It is absolutely magical.

Snowstorm in Toronto
Snowstorm in Toronto

There was no snow when we arrived yesterday, but now it is blanketing everything.  Right now, it is coming down strong, wind blowing it sideways.

A dear friend of mine who lives in Ohio, (a yoga student and powerful Reiki Master) was going to fly and meet us in Toronto, but the plane tickets were insanely overpriced.. One day in Toronto from Ohio, was more expensive than my plane ticket from the Azores to Florida. So, I didn’t get to see my friend, but she surprised me by getting us a very nice hotel room at the Westin. Such a nice gift.

Last night, starving, we had dinner at the hotels restaurant. It was overpriced. We ordered only appetizers and mashed potatoes for my baby. My daughter flung her mashed potatoes on me and then rubbed them into my shirt. It was really a mess. In the lobby, while waiting for the elevator, I looked into a large mirror, slightly horrified of what I saw. Exhaustion had aged me,dark black circles under my eyes,  I had food all over my shirt, clumps of mashed potatoes in my tangled messy hair.. It was not my finest moment. Surely, I was the most un-elegant person ever to walk the floors of this hotel. 🙂

We will spend the day here in Toronto, and leave tonight for Fort Lauderdale. Not sure where or what will happen on this adventure, but same is true with life. We never really know… just go with it..

A couple of days ago, I left the tiny island of Santa Maria to begin 5 weeks of travel. First stop was Sao Miguel, the largest and most populated island in the Azores. My dear friend, an incredible Portuguese artist, the woman I held a retreat with this summer, moved to Sao Miguel, so we stayed with her,catching up, laughing, talking story.  Another close friend of ours happened to be on the island too, There in Sao Miguel, sitting around a large table, sat a group of 5 women (with Santa Maria roots), drinking wine, eating, laughing, reading tarot cards, and telling stories.. my son played with his friend, and everyone took turns holding my baby. It was really a special part of this trip. 


Stay warm and try to remember to live life as the  adventure it is. ~Tiff





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