Soaking Up The Sun


Well, that beautiful snow that I wrote about in my last post, changed everything! The snow kept falling, and our flight was cancelled, and we were stuck in the Toronto airport for many, many hours. It was a travel nightmare. The airport was packed. People were angry, confused, tired. Crowds,my crying baby,too much luggage. I was offered a difficult choice.. wait in Toronto for three days to take a flight to Fort Lauderdale, or catch a flight to Orlando Florida. (Orlando is about 200 miles North.) UGH

We took the flight to Orlando. We got to Orlando early in the morning, slept in a hotel, and then made the trip to Sarasota to my sisters house, where we hung out, spent the night, and arranged a rental car.. the next day, we drove to South Florida.

The weather has been unbelievably perfect. 80 degrees, water 76 degrees. The last week was full of beach, yoga, friends, and dancing..

Acro Yoga with Beach Yoga Girl Kerri Verna
Acro Yoga with Beach Yoga Girl Kerri Verna

I taught several outdoor classes, on the beach and on the grass.  It felt so good to reconnect with many of my students, to feel the warmth of the sun, the warmth of friendship. And I finally got to drink Kombucha again!

Beach Yoga Reunion Class Lake Worth Florida
Beach Yoga Reunion Class Lake Worth Florida

One morning I met up with Kerri Verna, Beach Yoga Girl, we talked (we have taught many of the same students), I took her yoga class, and then after class, she and I, along with two other strong yoga teachers, worked on some acroyoga. Kerri has a very large instagram following and does retreats and classes around the world. I used to have a snobbery about instagram and yoga, but my goodness, it really inspires people. I have met people who started practicing because of instagram and facebook. Spreading awareness. The instagram challenges encourage people to practice yoga, to make positive changes in their lives, and be healthy. Social media is a part of our lives now, lets use it to create positive changes.  We learn everyday. I know I do.

Kerri is truly a beautiful, special, kind, and strong being of light. She is inspiring. I am grateful for our time together. We are talking about a doing a retreat together. Stay tuned!

Acro yoga is VERY different than my regular practice, but my regular practice, helps immensely. With acro yoga, whether being the base or the person flying, there has to be trust, strength, a relaxed mind, and balance. You have to be fully present.  It cannot be rushed. You have to pay close attention to your body and to the energy of your partner. Your mind cannot wander in Acroyoga, or you could risk injury to you or your partner. But with awareness and trust, it is fun!! 🙂 

Strength, Trust, Balance, Flexibility, Challenge, Fun, Soaking Up The Sun
Strength, Trust, Balance, Flexibility, Challenge, Fun, Soaking Up The Sun

So far this trip has been amazing, inspiring, restorative.

So much more to write and share, the solstice party, stories of friendship, stories of life.

Thanks for reading, and I hope no matter how cold it may be, that you are able to feel the sun.

Soaking up the sun~Tiff


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