The Many Treasures

We just made it back to West Palm Beach, after a week of hanging out with my dad. We will spend a few days here on the east coast of Florida, before beginning our long adventure home.. it will take 5 different planes.

My dad had never met my daughter, his newest grandchild, and that is a big reason why this trip was put together.. We live about halfway across the world now.. he lives in Seattle, we live in the Azores.

We spent the last week together “treasure hunting”.. My dad has a slight obsession with Geo-caching. (For those who don’t know what it is, it is like an adult treasure hunt, that uses a GPS system to guide you.) It was my first time doing it.. and it was really fun.. There are hundreds of different finds (treasure boxes) at Myakka State Park. Just one more way to enjoy the magic of nature.

Geo-caching Myakka
Geo-caching Myakka, Holding My Treasures

Myakka state park is one of the most beautiful state parks in Florida. Having a love for nature, magical trees, and solitude, this park is paradise. Through the years, I have spent alot of time at Myakka..Hiking, camping, yoga, and now geo-caching. We went all over the park. We saw wild Boars, turkeys, hawks, snakes, alligators, and deer.

The Amazing Magic Of Nature.. The Snake Tree
The Snake Tree- SO AWESOME!

A few more days of the warm sun, and then we head home, to the Azores.


Grandpa with the Moonbeam
My Dad with the Moonbeam

Grateful for all my treasures~Tiff


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