When Your Son Asks For a Dog…

If you know my teenage son, you know he is not a “normal” kid. Just looking into his huge eyes, it is clear to see a wisdom few of us possess. Marlin definitely has a strange sort of magic. He is an old soul. He seems to be good at everything he does, (well except soccer haha). Anyways, in addition to his singing, acting, and visual art, My son has a strange and strong connection to animals. In fact he used to want to change his last name to “Animal.” His email address also reflects his animal love. He honestly has a sixth sense when it comes to animals in distress.

Last summer, he just happened to find and rescue two very confused Cory shearwaters, endangered birds, who frequent the Azores.

Lately he has been asking to get a dog. He misses our dog that died last year, but he feels ready to get a new one. He really wants a dog.

Our recent conversations have been like this, Marlin asks, “Mom, can we get a dog?” I respond, “Not right now.” He continues, “But please mom, it is all I want. I just want a dog!! I will take care of it.” I respond, “Yes, I know, but we have to wait. We are not getting a dog right now.” With exaggerated desperation, He begs, “PLEASE!!!!!!!!!” I respond calmly,”You know how our lives work… If the universe wants you to have an animal, you will. It will just show up.”

Last night as the sun was setting, Marlin went out to a field behind our house to collect some herbs. He came running back empty-handed, breathing heavy, and said “Mom, quick help!!! There is a hedgehog in the field trapped!It is wrapped in tons of string and fishing line, it can’t move!”

I grabbed a pair of scissors and we were in animal rescue mode. When I saw the hedgehog, my heart broke. It literally was wrapped so tightly in fishing line and string, that it could not move. Carefully, we started cutting. I wasn’t sure we could untangle that poor little cutie. But we did it. It took about an hour.

Our Hedgehog Friend Resting, Recovering..
Our Hedgehog Friend Resting, Recovering..


Now our little hedgehog friend is sleeping in the bedroom, recovering. Wrapped in blankets, safe and sound. Hopefully our friend will be fully recovered soon, and back in the wild. But we are happy to have a new friend, a cute little friend with quills.

If your kid wants a dog, you might end up with a hedgehog. Haha.





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