The Healing Rays

Yesterday I woke up and it was cold. The strong North wind was gone, but in its place was rain. Nonetheless, Living in the Country, is proving to be quite healing and peaceful. I havent had any breathing problems since the move. I feel healing in the air.But it is loud here.  A different kind of loud. Cows mooing day and night, the bah bahs of the black sheep the white and brown sheep too,chickens excitedly announcing they laid some eggs,  the goats, the turkeys, the pigs, the dogs, the ducks, and the horses, they all sing their song, and it is a song I am grateful to hear.

Yesterday was Mothers day, or as I call it “American Mothers Day,” and my son, surprised  me with a large bouquet of wild flowers.   Portuguese Mothers day, was celebrated a week ago. Anyways, I woke up, drank some coffee, enjoyed the smell of my wildflowers, made some banana,sesame, coconut cookies, and prepared for a morning Reiki session. A friend of mine came for a session.  Every time I give a session, I am reminded how powerful Reiki is.Healing rays of energy.  It was a lovely morning, and after the Reiki and a plate full of cookies,  my friend gifted me with a beautiful necklace she got while living in Indonesia.

Country Living, Springtime In The Azores, A field near our new house
Country Living, Springtime In The Azores, A field near our new house

In the afternoon, the sun appeared and warmed us.  We decided to go exploring. I wanted to find some herbs, my son wanted to show me where he picked the flowers, my daughter wanted to play and get dirty, and my sweetheart wanted to show us one of the best places on the island to get fresh water. We have running water here, but it is not safe for drinking, and unfortunately most of the island relies on imported bottled water. But there are a few places with fresh, clean, water, and whenever we can, we fill up our bottles straight from the source.

Exploring, I love the old Stone Barns and Houses
Exploring, I love the old Stone Barns and Houses

Our exploring proved to be quite fun and rewarding. Not only did I find the herbs I was looking for, but I also found a large laurel tree, which was perfect because I had just run out of bay leaf. We passed  the ruins of many old houses. We saw a giant lemon tree, full of ripe and rotting lemons, I picked several and felt so happy. I found a bird’s egg lying on the ground, and we searched and searched until we found its nest.

My son and I, The Bird Rescuers
My son and I, The Bird´(Egg) Rescuers

Wandering around, hiking old dirt roads, climbing fences, getting dirty, drinking fresh spring water, picking herbs, picking fruit, saving birds (hopefully), all with my family. . My kind of day.

Smiling sweetheart, Happy Dirty Portuguese Explorer
Smiling sweetheart, Happy Dirty Portuguese Explorer

Many hours later, we arrived home. Tired and dirty, arms filled with herbs and lemons, smiling and satisfied, I started a pot of tea. All the cookies were gone but I was hungry. As if by magic, another close friend of mine, stopped by and brought over a delicious banana cake. We sat around, drank oregano, mint,and rosemary tea, ate cake, and enjoyed the fresh country air.

Sometimes we are gifted with a day so full of healing rays- sunshine, friendship, family, love, AND CAKE!!!!!

Sending warm rays -Tiff


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