Following Our Lead

This morning, my daughter and I were lazily resting on the couch, reading a picture book. When we turned to a  page about fruit, there was a picture of an avocado. I said “avocado”, and right away, my daughter sat up excitedly. She put her fingers on the picture of the avocado, and started rubbing. I looked at her with curiosity. After she rubbed her fingers on the picture, she put her hands on her face and started softly rubbing the skin under her eyes, pretending she was rubbing avocado on her face, while saying a blissful “Ahhhh.”

My sweet little Dancing Moonbeam
My sweet little Dancing Moonbeam

Without ever intentionally teaching her this, she learned. Nearly every time we eat avocado, I use the leftover avocado, and rub it softly on my face, and often, i quietly sigh a happy “Ahhhhh”.

There are many things that I do regularly, that my daughter copies, including yoga, dancing, and stopping to smell nearly every flower.. It is so cute. But there are things i do, i hope she never copies.. 🙂 

With our children, we have an opportunity, a responsibility, to teach them well, they often follow our lead.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Creating a better world is up to us-Tiff


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