Take a Hike

I woke up this morning, slowly stretched my body awake, and realized I had a large twig tangled in my hair. My legs are all scratched up and my feet are sore. But I feel good. Two days of pretty intense hiking, snorkeling, and blackberry picking.

On Saturday, we woke early, headed to the other side of the island, ready to rough it and climb down a very steep mountain, to some old abandoned vineyards, situated right next to the beautiful Azorean sea. It was apparent right away, that we were the first people in a very long time to make the hike. What used to be a small trail was now heavily overgrown with cane and blackberries.. but we continued.

The old abandoned Vineyard, we hiked all the way from the top of the mountain!
The old abandoned Vineyard

After what felt like a very long time of really rough and steep hiking, we made it to the vineyards, and peaked inside a small and long abandoned home. Part of the roof had collapsed, but there was one room that still had a roof. We went inside and checked it out. It still had some old furnishings, a reminder of how life used to be. Inside a little drawer, I saw a magazine from 1959 perfectly in tact,  It was a “dirty” magazine.. so I didn’t take any photos.. HA!

Inside the old abandoned Azorean home
Inside the old abandoned Azorean home

The ocean was rough, wild, and beautiful. We had a relaxing picnic.. but I kept looking up at the top of the mountain and DREADING our return hike.  It was steep, it was exhausting, it was hot. But it was fun. ADVENTURE! I found a lot of wild oregano.. and of course we stuffed ourselves with blackberries.

Happy with My Wild Oregano
Happy with My Wild Oregano
My teenage son, happy hiker
My teenage son, happy hiker

Yesterday we headed to a different side of the island, hiked down to some deep and beautiful tide pools and enjoyed some really good snorkeling.

Exploring the tide pools with my daughter... so much life.
Exploring the tide pools with my daughter… so much life.
Blackberry picking 

There were so many blackberries on the hike, so on the way back up the mountain, we filled up my daughters beach bucket with berries. I also picked some wild mint.. And last night we enjoyed blackberry cobbler, drank mint tea, and put aloe vera all over our scratched up legs..

Take a Hike, and I mean that in a good way! HA! ~Tiff

Blackberries! Mmmmm
Blackberries! Mmmmm

4 thoughts on “Take a Hike

  1. rina

    Sounds fun:) I like the part of the old house 🙂 I think houses carry lots of secrets some good some bad 🙂 The picture of the kids are amazing they look happy 🙂 Thank you for sharing amazing to read 🙂 You sound like the Portuguese explores 🙂 Have a good day 🙂 Take care of your amazing energy 🙂

  2. herongrace

    Oh my very favourite treats! Exploring wild areas, swimming in creeks or ocean, and reading the history of abandoned houses from the walls. Love it!

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