The Little Fairy Shack Way Out Back

Tucked away in the backyard of my friends house is a tiny shack. It is surrounded by big green tropical plants and giant trees.  Something about the shack is magical. And it is our new home. At least for the next few months.. (Who knows what will happen next? The endless adventures of the Flowing Yogini!)  Anyways, I really feel this shack has a strange magic, maybe some fairies live close by.. There definitely are mosquitos living close by! So many mosquitos.. UGH.. (We need more bats!) Anyways, bugs, bats, and fairies aside. I love the shack. It is exactly where I want to be living.

The Fairy Shack-Our Tiny home

With a tiny house, big windows, an outdoor compost toilet, and good weather, we are spending so much time outdoors..Which is really helping me stay grounded and true, while living in a place as crowded and strange as South Florida. I get to live with nature magic, in the shack way out back. (I call it the fairy shack because it is tiny)..

Speaking of Grounding.. 

I have always loved being barefoot. Feet in the dirt. For me,  just the act of standing barefoot in dirt is a powerful way to heal, to stay connected, to keep those truth channels open and flowing. This barefoot connection is something I have been aware of since i was very young.. And it is not just me being a weirdo, or a hippie. Apparently, it has been proven scientifically that standing barefoot outside, aka “earthing” is good for you. Duh. 🙂

Earthing in Half Moon Pose, Fairies in the Forest
Earthing in Half Moon Pose, Fairies in the Forest/ Azores Portugal 

Take your shoes off, get your feet dirty. Try “earthing”Breathe.

All things connect. ~Tiff


One thought on “The Little Fairy Shack Way Out Back

  1. rina

    Looks like a cozy place 🙂 I can wait to see it 🙂 Sometimes love can be deeper in a little cozy shack then a big house 🙂 Keep on posting 🙂 fun to the reader:)

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