Buzz Buzz

Well, there really is so much to write and share. Lots a buzz. My sweetheart is here, My son’s play has opened (and is amazing), and we are getting more and more settled in our new home (the fairy shack) and life in South Florida.

A beautiful swamp close by our Shack.. Fall in Florida.. Sunny and HOT!!!!
A beautiful swamp close by our Shack.. Fall in Florida.. Sunny and HOT!!!!

When we first moved into the fairy shack, we learned there was a large beehive in the roof very close to our shack. I have a love for bees and a love for honey, so I watched the bees in awe, a respectful awe.. I know first hand that you don’t want to piss off bees..

It must have been the second or third night living in the shack, that I noticed there were bees all over my windows. A few nights later, I awoke to a bee in my hair and another crawling on the bed, right near my daughter. I managed to move like a ninja and get the bees out without getting stung. But I was freaked out, and again I noticed there were several bees outside on the windows. They were attracted to the light, and wanted to get inside.

I wrote an ex-boyfriend an email and told him about our bee situation. My ex-boyfriend is a traveling beekeeper, he might actually be more bee than human. I knew he would have good advice and contacts.
He told me that the bees would try to get inside my shack as long as they saw light.. Basically, move the bees, risk getting stung, or live without lights.

My friend (who owns this property), set up another light, outside and far away from the shack, in hopes the bees would be attracted to that light and leave my little shack alone.
A beekeeper came to check out the hive. We set up a date for the removal. (While we waited, we had a few more unwanted visitors fly inside at night-time)..

The day of the removal came, we were safely in our shack. (I kind of wanted to participate in the removal, but something told me just to watch.) Almost as soon as the removal began, it ended. Like a scene from a horror movie, we saw both of the beekeepers covered with bees. The bees were everywhere and they were angry. We watched from the windows. These were the most aggressive bees I have ever seen. And there seemed to be millions. The beekeepers, even through their bee suits, were stung, repeatedly. Any attempts of removal were abandoned. We waited inside, wondering what would happen next. There were literally bees everywhere.

About an hour later one of the beekeepers, still in a bee suit, knocked on the door and said “Don’t open the door, don’t come outside!” She continued “We have never dealt with such aggressive bees, even the neighbor was stung. We are abandoning this removal and going to wait for the bees to calm down.” She then said “We have the contact information for someone who is more experienced dealing with such aggressive bees.”

Took This Photo While We Were Trapped In The Shack
Took This Photo While We Were Trapped In The Shack

With that, we waited. For hours we were trapped inside the shack.. We knew if we even opened the door, painful venom would be waiting.

Eventually, (hours later) the bees calmed down, and we quickly ran to our car. It felt like an adventure for sure. That night we had two bees fly inside our shack. But none of us got stung. 🙂

Bees And More Bees ...Buzz Buzz
Bees And More Bees …Buzz Buzz

Two days ago, the bees were finally removed. It was a big job, a huge hive, and the beekeeper said they were some of the most aggressive bees he had ever removed. It is impossible to remove all the bees in a bee removal, so right now there are still hundreds of confused bees flying around, trying to figure out where their hive went. But no more bees on the windows, and all that buzzing is much quieter.

Florida is known for having a thriving bee population, and beehives in attics are very common. If you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure to call someone who will relocate the bees (instead of killing them), as bees are so important. We cannot survive without them.

Have a good day, with lots of sweetness! ~Tiff


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