Kiss The Earth With Your Feet

So I am not really sure if it was me telepathically communicating with a gopher turtle, or me having a conversation with myself imagining what I would say, and how I would feel if I was a gopher turtle. And it doesn’t really matter.  But, the other day, while hiking through one of the last remaining wild scrub areas in all of Southeast Florida, I had lasting eye contact with a large gopher turtle. In our connection, I felt a moment when the turtle seemed to be looking deep into my soul,and truly asking me to wake up and help heal Earth. Almost a “Tiffany, you see what is happening,  if you aren’t going to change, who will?”

You may have never heard of a gopher turtle. I had never heard of them before I moved down here. But, anyways, they live in underground dens. The entrance to their homes has the same sort of warm welcome that a fireplace and a cup of tea share… the entrances are cute, tidy, and decorated..

Gopher Turtle
Gopher Turtle

These turtles are endangered species. Loss of habitat.

We held hands in a circle and the Kids Started Chanting
We held hands in a circle and the Kids Started Chanting “No Cutting Trees”

Anyways, we also saw manatees this week while kayaking in the mangroves. High tide, King Tide, the power of the moon. My daughters first time in a kayak, and she saw Manatees. So amazing.

Kayaking In The Mangroves
Kayaking In The Mangroves

Manatees are also endangered species.They are gentle, beautiful, graceful-And they need our help and protection.

I want to help. I am not writing with a ‘know it all’ solution, because I don’t have one. But I know, with every cell of my body and soul, that we have to start living with the Earth.

I know if we all search deep inside, we will figure out how to help heal our planet. Our mother. Ourselves. Each other.

We have to cultivate gratitude.. We have to “Kiss the Earth With Our Feet.”

 South Florida , Yoga On The Beach..
South Florida , Yoga On The Beach.. A great way to heal! “Kiss The Earth With Your Feet.” 

Happy November 1st, Day of The Dead. Messages all around. Listen. ~Tiff


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