The Space Between Our Thoughts

On Friday, I taught a really beautiful yoga class. Fluid, bird-like, floating, strengthening, twisting, flying, dancing, breathing. A detox (after thanksgiving) flow. We ended class feeling powerful energy inside and  surrounding us.. Divine hugs. I literally was buzzing..Crying and laughing… I think we all were.

I feel so inspired and grateful to practice and teach yoga. Yoga continuously helps me heal. It also is continuously changing, just like life. Even with herniated discs in my neck, and other injuries from a car accident, I am finding my flow, and honoring my body as it is, not how it was. Learning how to be present and in trust and gratitude.

honoring my back


Life can be very challenging, our world seems so chaotic and out of balance most of the time. But how do we change that? If we are not balanced on the inside, we are not balanced on the outside. 

I am committing to engage more in my personal practice, through asana, dance, meditation, study, performance, healthy meals, hiking, parenting, planting, swimming, etc. Living simply. Present.Balanced. Healthy.

“If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts.” Alan Cohen.




One thought on “The Space Between Our Thoughts

  1. amypeacelove

    I love your statement about honoring your body how it is, as opposed to how it was. Our bodies are always changing, and we have to come to terms with that. How are we to accept others if we cannot accept ourselves? Thank you so much for your words; this was exactly what I needed to hear this Monday morning.

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