Strength Through Devotion

I woke up this morning to the sound of trees being chopped down. The land across the street is being clear cut to make way for a large Wellington mini Mansion. We have seen hawks and turtles, foxes and possums, owls and ospreys. Where will they go?

I don’t often write about all the sad and awful things that are happening in our world right now. Wars, mass shootings, environmental destruction,  anger, poverty, racism, and hate. But just because I don’t write about it doesn’t mean I don’t think about it, or feel it.. Because trust me, as an empath, I feel it. There is so much chaos right now that it is hard  not to feel crazy. I think we all do. How do we heal?


For me, even 10 minutes of yoga, deep breathing, a few juicy asanas, single pointed focus, can shift my mood and perspective, drastically!  I can transform from a place of hopelessness and fear, to a place of strength and healing. Through breathing and being mindful. This is why I practice yoga. This is why I teach yoga, even though truth be told, anyone who teaches yoga knows, you have to do it because you love it. And I do love it. It is through inner healing, realization,  and wisdom that we can create change. Sometimes while we are deep in the surrender of savasana, we truly feel and understand that all things connect.

Putting down the shovel, for a little Asana Time

We are at a crossroads. Strange and intense times and energy. Times of transformation.  We can’t just talk about the problems, we have to start living the solution. How do we want to transform? What do we want to transform into?

My suggestion is that we tap into our higher wisdom, and transform through love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Wishing all of us a heart healing day. ~Tiff





3 thoughts on “Strength Through Devotion

  1. herongrace

    How depressing… So sad for all that wildlife. While I am up hunting around in dense bush at 5 a.m. looking for a female scrub turkey that I have not seen for two days with a swollen leg, worried about her. Worried about their numbers, I have 1 male who builds a huge mound and guards the eggs and only two females. Most people hate them. Totally appreciating the irony of the situation at your Thanksgiving. Very happy that she made an appearance and I was able to get another antibiotic and garlic and food into her.
    It seems as though for all those who selfishly destroy animal habitats, others of us have to make more of an effort to try and compensate somehow.

    1. It is so sad.. There is another forest in this county that is being destroyed and it is the onlt forest left in this area. Today we took part in a protest.. It was pouring rain, but we were there, committed to the forest, to our planet, to helping bring change. You are right, it is so hard.. and we do have to make huge effort to compensate for all the selfishness and greed..We have to stay strong. And i am glad your turkey friend is ok. Thank you! ❤

      1. herongrace

        Good on you Well done! Greedy people who thoughtlessly destroy all animal habitats, I hate it.
        While bucketting my banana plants from the small dam yesterday arvo, I found 1 of my young crows that was flying now not flying.
        So it spent a safe night in my spare room. It seems to be doing o.k. Hopefully it will mend. Oh well, all good witches need 1 so they say lol!
        Putting out energy for your special forest.

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