Even In The Cold

I am wearing three pairs of socks, wrapped in blankets, drinking hot ginger tea, and still shivering. South Florida has gotten slammed by a cold front. It is 39 degrees, or about 5 degrees C. Brr.


The trouble with these cold fronts down here, is that, they come out of nowhere, and two days later, it is 80 degrees again and everyone is swimming in the ocean.

As the cold front moved in, so did the flu. I have been sick. Really sick. But I kind of feel grateful for the opportunity to relax. To be completely aware of how my body feels, to spend time alone, and to put natural medicine in my body. Garlic, ginger, honey, and lemons. Healing potions.

I guess what I mean is that, here I am, drowsy, cold, and with the flu. But, I have this wisdom, this knowledge, this power, this awareness, to know what I need to do to recover. To be healthier than ever.


This full moon in Leo, is a perfect opportunity to reclaim our power, our wisdom, our health,  our magic. Whether indoors and wrapped in blankets, or outside, take a moment to see the magic in the mudane. Take a moment to honor the cycles..

12496400_881017215346569_657336358310337203_o (1)
Tapping Into Our Wisdom, Beach Yoga This Week

Happy Healing. And Howling..Even in The Cold. ~Tiff



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