Planting The Future

On Christmas Eve, we went to a little party at a friends house. My friend gifted our family with a giant basket of organic peppers and tomatoes. I love peppers, bell peppers, poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers etc. So good.  And these particular peppers were of the best I have ever eaten. So good in fact, that we used all the seeds we could, to start a little garden. 

If you have ever planted anything from seed, or have had a garden, you can relate to the magic, the joy, the connection we feel, day by day watching and helping plants grow. From tiny sprouts, they change, they grow, and then they become food and nourish us.

I say “Hi” to all the plants growing in the garden.  (I sometimes even give them Reiki) There is this appreciation, this love. Growing our own food brings us into direct connection with it. We become more aware. Of the rain, the heat, the cold. We pay attention to the seasons, moon cycles, the temperatures..

Anyways, the day after Christmas, we started a garden.  We planted peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, pumpkin too (to name a few).

Growing from seed takes time, and it takes quite a lot of TLC, tender loving care..

My son built a little greenhouse to help the seeds grow. They were doing so well. Getting so big. Almost ready to transplant.

Yesterday morning, my son came running in, and with a concerned voice said “Mom, the peppers!?!?! ” Someone had gone into our yard, into the greenhouse, and taken all the bell peppers. Who does that???? We were all very upset. LAME. We still have quite a bit of food growing, but those peppers, well it is just a shame. I certainly hope whoever took them, planted them, and is taking good care of them. Lesson: We lost one of our baby crops. That happens. But we still have lots of food growing in the dirt. And we will plant more.

Yogini Trees Growing Tomatoes 😉


Both of my kids love gardening too. Such a basic, natural, and tremendously important skill.  (A skill, a wisdom, a craft, that has been forgotten, by many).. Plant change. Plant food. 


I guess the point is, when we become mindful of what we eat, how we live, how things grow, we become invested and connected to the process, to the Planet, and  everything changes.

Grow Food not Lawns.

Now is a good time to Plant.




6 thoughts on “Planting The Future

  1. herongrace

    That’s great apart from getting your peppers stolen. Another really easy and fun crop to teach kids to grow is water chestnuts grown in large plastic containers, big paint tins, anything that holds water.
    It’s a bit of a losing battle around here not having running water connected yet to gardens and having to bucket from the dams in drought times and having lots of things that eat things, but I always have a crop of water chestnuts, comfrey in the potting shed and struggle along to increase banana treed areas, some passionfruits and paw paw trees.

  2. I cant believe how rude some people are!! but the planting of our own food is amazing, my kids loved it last summer, and this year i hope to expand to peppers and tomatoes too 🙂

      1. I will post pics, we have a shorter season than you, but I hope spring comes early this year 🙂 your heart is so big, forgiveness is the best path for sure ❤

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