A friend of mine asked me to write and share about my year, this year, 2016.

To be honest, the year was full of a little bit of everything. I went to the Bahamas for the first time in my life. Camped in the Florida Keys several times. My family and I stayed at the most expensive and luxurious resort at Disney World, TWICE-(all expenses paid by Disney). I spent over a month with my family on the best road trip I have ever been on, up and down the mountains of the east coast, camping, swimming, hiking, exploring,  and spending time with old friends. We spent a week exploring NYC, while my son danced, sang, and studied on Broadway. I studied with my Spirtual Guide and Buddhist Teacher and friend. I worked fun jobs, as an art model, a yoga teacher, a chef. I choreographed, performed, danced, laughed, and smiled.

But there was other stuff too..

My mom had a stroke this year.  I saw my life flash before my eyes when my daughter and I were on a hike in the woods, and we encountered a man pouring gasoline all over his body. He followed us, we ran faster than I thought possible, jumped over a fence, called the police. Heart pounding, head spinning, I thought we would die. I will carry that memory for a very long time.  I found a loaded gun at a playground at Disney World (which was how we got the all expenses paid Disney vacation). One of my closest friends moved away. Someone had a psychotic episode at my daughters 3rd birthday party… Donald Trump was elected president. My uncle died… I could go on.. There was loss. There were tears.  There was fear.

The point is, this year had so many wonderful moments, so many wonderful memories..  but it also had so many sad and scary moments and memories too. This is life. A great big roller coaster ride,  ups and downs, fear and joy, peace and chaos, birth and death..Lessons learned…


And onward we go.

2017.. ~Tiff


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