The Way Things Flow

In January, we made another move, from the southeast coast of Florida, to the west coast of Florida.  We could have stayed where we were,  I had my awesome yoga classes, and we had our large community of friends. But the lack of wild space, and high crime rate was really weighing on me heavily.  After a horrible and frightnening experience I had in a nearby nature scrub, I had this constant nagging feeling that we needed to leave the area. (We were in the woods when we encountered a very disturbed looking man, who was pouring gasoline all over his body.  He followed us, we ran as fast as we could, I saw my life flash before my eyes.). So, anyways, our lease was over, and an opportunity came up to move to Sarasota, so we packed our bags, and headed over.  It wasnt the most exciting move of my life. Sarasota is only about 200 miles away, but it feels very different. There are more trees, more natural areas, less crime, but there is more driving, less friends, colder winters, colder water, bigger alligators… IMG_2243



My son was offered a scholarship to study ballet at Sarasota Ballet. 6 days a week, 4 hours a day, he is dancing. It is amazing how far he has come. This training has been an incredible experience for him.

When my son dances, my daughter and I walk across the street and explore the Ringling Gardens and Museum. This has been one of my favorite parts of our time here. It never gets boring. It is beautiful, peaceful, haunted. There are statues everywhere throughout the park, many of them very strange. Like the Italian Dwarf Garden. There are large trees, and an incredible playground, with the biggest and fastest slide I have ever gone on.


I found a nearby yoga studio to teach classes. I am grateful for the space and the students.  I am working part time at a little health food store, in the health and beauty section.  The supplement companies come to the store often and load me up with samples of their product. Through work, I have attended many trainings on natural healing, and I especially loved a training on Aryuveda. I am learning so much. I am healing.

I have no idea what the future holds. I am certain Sarasota is a temporary stop on our journey. It feels like a nice place to rest, recover, dance, hug trees, and set the plan for our next adventure.


We never know. This is just the way things flow. ~Tiff




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