About Yogini Tiff and Testimonials from Yoga Students

Flowing Yogini

Vasisthasana Full Extension, Yogini Tiff
Vasisthasana Full Extension, Yogini Tiff

This site is about life, love, heartbreak,  pain, joy, adventure, boredom, questions, answers, food, healing, and whatever else I may find  on my personal journey towards understanding this crazy world.

The mission of the site  is to  help spread the magical healing potential of yoga. Often called a gypsy, I am learning to yoga through the muck, and will share my story and wisdom I have learned on my path. I certainly have more questions than answers, but one thing I know for sure, yoga will change your life for the better.  What often begins as a physical practice, becomes a life path. Through practice and study, we grow and heal.  Meditation is essential to stay clear and connected.  My Buddhist teacher has given me the name Tenzing Tsewang which means,  Long, happy, empowered life following the Dharma. 

Learning from my teacher..
Learning from my teacher..


My writing and Yoga have been featured in Yoga Teacher Magazine, My Yoga Online, Jade Yoga Mats, be present inc, Gaiam, and Yoga Journal. 

I am currently back in South Florida, after two years of living on the island of Santa Maria in the Azores.  I am a Yoga teacher,  Reiki Master, and a Thai Yoga practitioner. I have taught yoga for several years now, at a number of yoga studios, gyms, private classes, workshops, at festivals, outdoors, performances, and on the beach. In addition to adult classes, I have experience teaching yoga to children at Boys and Girls Club, Summer Camps, At Risk Youth Shelters, For the Children,  homeschooling groups in South Florida, and theatre students.   I LOVE SHARING MY LOVE OF YOGA.

Always a teacher, always a student. We are always learning, always growing. I teach group and private classes.

Current Class Schedule:

Mondays-9am Lake Worth Playhouse Yoga cave

Tuesday-9am Beach Yoga, Kruseler Beach Park Lake Worth

Thursday-4:30pm Sunset Beach Yoga, Kruseler Beach Park Lake Worth

Friday-9am Lake Worth Playhouse Yoga Cave

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to schedule yoga, reiki, or Thai Yoga. flowingyogini@gmail.com Thanks for reading.  ~Namaste

Natarajasana, Santa Maria Azores
Natarajasana, Santa Maria Azores


“Tiffany Gore is a good friend and gifted humanitarian. She is always finding creative ways to approach healing with natural resources and cares deeply for every living thing. She has taught me so much about Reiki, yoga, crystals, herbs and finding peace and kindness in myself and all things. It’s easy to find stillness with her help because of her deep empathy and compassion for humanity. Her yoga classes seem less like work and more like dance as she offers a graceful and elegant flow while building strength with ease.” ~Candice Boles, Reiki Master

“Tiffany is gifted at connecting with people who need to heal. Her yoga teaching is nurturing and thoughtful. She moves her students through a wakeful meditation.” -Mitra Malek, Former Senior Editor at Yoga Journal

“I have not done much yoga before, and Tiffany really made a comfortable space, both for the physical enjoyment of yoga and the emotional one! I was moved to tears, literally! I felt so great, and her class really helped me to feel clear and energized me creatively. thanks Tiffany!” ~Kristy G, Artist

“You haven’t experienced true nirvana, unless you have taken a yoga class with Tiffany Gore!  She shares her teachings in Yoga in each class, yet offers something truly special by sharing her own spiritual journey.” ~Sharon Adams, Therapist

“I began taking Tiff’s yoga class about a year or so ago. It was a time in my life that was jammed packed; I had recently gone back to school for my master’s degree, working 2-3 part time jobs, directing a play and being a mom. Stressed was an understatement.  Tiffany’s class was early in the morning, right after dropping the kids off at school, so the time was convenient. I had done yoga years before, so I knew the benefits of it, but I have never felt the intimacy, power and enlightenment that I have felt with Tiffany. I was immediately in love!  The physical aspect is a great work out and a great way to release tension and stress. After just a few classes I felt good in my body again, like I did when I was younger. Almost like reacquainting myself to the “way I used to be”. Not only was I feeling fit physically I was feeling fit on an emotional and psychological level. I suffer from anxiety. My anxiety would get so bad sometimes that I would wake up in a panic; that’s how I would greet my days on occasion. But being able to release the physical stress and tension, allowing that hour or more to free my mind and accept calm and gratitude to enter was literally a life safer for me. My anxiety lessened, my blood pressure went down and I was open to the challenges of the day instead of panicked by them. When I did awake full of anxiety, I knew how to breathe and stretch to help ease that.  I have brought family and friends to Tiffany’s class because I want others to feel the magic that I do!” ~Patty G, Actress, Director, Artist

“Tiffany Gore  is an amazing yoga teacher. I found her last year just before she left for her journey abroad. I knew that i wanted to find her class again when she returned,and I did. She has a calming nature and her teachings are for all levels. She seems to have a sixth sense as to what the students need. I love her classes!!” ~Debbie Bevan

Best yoga teacher , reiki master , healer , energy-angel friend … That has truly touched my soul …. Nobody quite like Tiff  … The real deal.. ~Maria Nowaki

You were such a major influence on me with yoga and I’m not sure if I ever properly thanked you. Your energy and your amazingness has really effected my teaching style. ~Jessica McCarrick, Yoga Teacher

“Tiffany, you truly inspired me last year with your practice and teachings. thank you so much!!! i went back through my journal recently and read about your chakra classes I attended and just how much your class gave me grounding. You are an inspiration to me and others” ~Brakken Yoga Teacher, and Watsu Practitioner

My son and I with my teacher and friend,Geshe
My son and I with my teacher and friend,Geshe
Blessings and Love
Blessings and Love


I am truly amazed at the way life flows~Yogini Tiff



***The use of photos or posts from this site requires permission from Yogini Tiff and proper credit***


21 thoughts on “About Yogini Tiff and Testimonials from Yoga Students

  1. bb

    really enjoyed reading yur blog site…yoga opens a world of possibilities. Chakra opening sessions are fascinating discovery. a world of never before imagined scenery. colors explode, feelings are heightened, my awareness becomes so acute and it stays with me for days….unless of course if i meet someone in an elevator that’s having a REALLY bad day…LOL i believe that when we are open to service, our minds and bodies perform a sort of, “Dance”, to tune us into the greater service to all. its like in a dream state, we get symbols or flashes to assist us. When yur Chakra is open and if one is aware, you get instructions. its sets you on a path….of assisting others. Thats my take….Om bb

    1. Thank you so much! What a beautiful thing to write…. it really means alot to me.
      It is easy to get distracted and weighted down. But yes, we need to stay true and hold the latern high…..
      love and light back at ya!

    1. Oh, my goodess, I have no idea what this means, but I feel extremely honored. Thanks so much Katrina! I am going to check out your blog now for the rules. Big smile and a warm thank you.

    1. Thank you so much! Yoga has really changed my life in so many positive ways.. yeah! We are all in this together. I look forward to reading your blog too. ~Namaste


    wonderful blog! i love the feeling i get during and after yoga. your words and pictures just reminded me of it. i need to get back to it.

    outside of yoga… your blog is just plain inspirational. i love your lifestyle. i wanted to press the “like” button on just about every post, but that would flood up your dashboard. hahaha, so i’m only going to do a few but please know i wanted to go crazy with like’s. 😉

    anyway, i hope you are enjoying your gypsy journey. i did one last year and i came back a changed woman. it’s an incredible experience. i can’t wait to read more about yours. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Violeta! Your comment means so much to me…I am really trying to write more…and figure out what I want to do with my life (when I grow up!), so this gypsy journey truly is a miracle and will surely be life changing. You are quite the writer too. Thanks again. 🙂

  3. “I am learning to yoga through the muck…” Me, too…as you could probably tell from my blog. Today I’m catching up with the writers who Liked or Followed the Urban Yoga Den in 2012. Thank you for reading! And, thank you for keeping it real through your writing. OM Shanti. Holly

    1. Wow, thanks Jen. That is really awesome and sweet, Congrats to you and thank you… I will start working on my response as soon as i can get the baby to sleep! Ha x 😉 ~Tiff

  4. Florian Portugal

    Hi Yogini Tiff – I am very touched from your beautiful blog 🙂 My name is Florian, I am living in Portugal and would love to come to the Azores this summer for a few days. Is there a possibility that you offer some yoga workshops/retreats for my girlfriend and me? Big hug and much love to you and your family, Florian/Julia

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