As The Path Is Revealed

Yesterday I had lunch in a tiny village named Anjos.  It is the village where my ancestors are from. Yesterday, while enjoying the beauty of the day, the waves, the village, I noticed a small rusty  piece of metal in the ground near our picnic spot. Always drawn to old things, treasures, history,  I tried to pick it up.. The rusted  piece of metal was bigger than I thought. I started digging. I kept digging. What I thought was a tiny piece of metal, ended up being a very old and large 16th century cannon. There are two other old cannons nearby, rusting away. Pirates massacred the village hundreds of years ago… And just a little under the surface of the earth, a piece of history was revealed. 

Uncovering History..
Uncovering History..

As The Path Reveals Itself Often our lives play out in very unexpected ways. Lately, I have been feeling growing concern for my son’s future. He is so smart, that I fear an island this small, lacks opportunities for his growth, development, education. HIS FUTURE. Sometimes one persons paradise is another persons prison. My son has had alot of fun here, no doubt. He fluently speaks Portuguese.  But he is starting to think about college, jobs, a drivers license, etc.. and these things are much more difficult on an island of 5000.

In helping me get some clarity, I asked my Buddhist teacher for advice. He did a divination, a type of astrocartography. Astrocartography, in a simple explanation,  can show us the places on Earth that resonate well with our personal energy and path, and the places on Earth where life will be difficult. Based on Astrocartography, this is a very  difficult place for me to live. I have the energy of Saturn running right through this small island. And I feel it. The island is beautiful, no doubt. I have gotten to share and spread the magic of yoga. I have met amazing people here. Friends, family, TREES. Adventures.

Teaching Yoga in Anjos in the Field Where I Found The Cannon
Teaching Yoga in Anjos in the Field Where I Found The Cannon

But I have also been tested. I have had to learn to put up big boundaries. My boyfriends family, tried to cross my boundaries many times.  But it is a different culture with different family dynamics, different expectations, different and very specific gender roles. If a man here is seen unshaven,too thin, or looking a little scruffy, it is believed to be the fault of his wife or girlfrend. She is to blame. SERIOUSLY!  Living in a different country, especially a country with very old-fashioned ideas, behavior, and rules really forces us to tap into our inner strength. ( The younger generation is slowly creating change-thank goodness).  Living in a different country, especially a poor country, is also a huge eye-opening lesson. A lesson in privilege, a lesson in history, a lesson in economics, and a lesson in life.

I have been praying for clarity and doing lots of energy work. And although, the path has not entirely revealed itself, it is very likely, that we will be moving back to the United States at the end of summer. At least until my son,who is nearly 16,finishes high school. He qualifies to dual enroll in college starting this fall. College Application submitted.

On a very exciting note, over the weekend there was a Science Contest here, a big contest with teams from all of the islands in the Azores. My son was the presenter for his team!! His team made it to Nationals!!They will be heading to the mainland of Portugal next week! YEAH!

And on a funny but slightly traumatic note: NEVER let your boyfriend (who has never cut hair) experiment on yours.. AHHHHHH!!!! 😉 It will grow. This I know. The lessons we learn. Peace and patience as the path is revealed. -Tiff

I have so many stories. I am starting to write a book about my experience here, The Good, the bad, the ugly. It is certain to be a page turner!  I would love advice, funding, encouragement, publisher connections.. Ha!,)


Therapy For The Third-Eye Chakra

The Third-Eye Chakra-The Anja Chakra

Third-Eye Magic
Third-Eye Magic, The Unicorn

Color: Indigo, A deep bluish purple

Element: Light

Location: The Space between the eyes, sometimes located at the center of the forehead.

Bija Seed Sound: OM

Energy, Emotions, Feelings Associated with this Chakra: The THIRD EYE chakra is associated with psychic abilities, visions, messages, premonitions, and the ability to “see” things that cannot be seen with normal vision….

A closed THIRD EYE causes close-minded thinking, overly logical, critical, and untrusting thoughts and behavior!

On the other hand, an overly active third-eye can be very intense, even frightening, too much information to process. This can make us feel crazy. It is very important to find balance.


Childs Pose, Third Eye To Earth, Nourishing, Grounding, Healing Power
Childs Pose- Third Eye To Earth, Nourishing, Grounding, Healing Power


Of all my chakras, the one that is most active, is my third-eye, and that is sometimes very intense. Child’s pose, helps rebalance excess energy, and helps process so much. Sometimes after doing yoga, meditation, or Reiki, my third-eye chakra remains wide open. And I do not feel normal.-Spending time in childs pose helps me so much. So does resting my forehead on the trunk of a tree. Bowing down, moving inward, grounding into Earth, we are humbled and reminded that with our increased awareness, and sensitivity, comes responsibility.

Breath Work: Deep nostril breathing, with the eyes closed, directing the breath to and from the Third-Eye is very healing and stimulating for this chakra!

Try wearing Amethyst, an excellent third eye stone.

Healing Affirmation: I trust my intuition. I am open to receive my Highest Wisdom.

Yoga Asanas For Third-Eye: Eagle Pose-Garudasana, Childs Pose -Balasana, Easy Pose, Half or Full Lotus..

Foods that help awaken and balance this chakra: ALKALINE FORMING foods, almonds, leafy greens, avocados, bananas, flax seeds, and more can help tremendously.

In yoga, psychic ability is referred to as “siddhis.” There are many texts that talk about one of the dangers of the siddhis, is ego involvement. A feeling of “I have superpowers, I must be very special.”  This is another important reminder to balance!! All the chakras working together in harmony.. 

Honoring the Journey. Namaste.-Tiff








Therapy For the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra/ Muladahara Chakra

Root Chakra Asana: Warrior I/ Getting Grounded With The Best Teachers
Root Chakra Asana: Warrior I/ Getting Grounded With The Best Teachers



Bija Mantra:Lam

Feelings associated with the Root Chakra: Survival, Security, Stability, Belonging, Alertness

Affirmation: “I am safe, grounded, strong, and stable.”

Foods that support Root Chakra Health: Root Vegetables, Carrots, Potatoes, Beets, etc.

Location: Base of the spine

Asanas For Root Chakra: Warrior I, Tree pose, Downward Facing Dog, Mountain Pose, and many more.

I went up into the forest, took my shoes off, felt my feet begin to root, and moved into Warrior I. It felt absolutely amazing. I felt, strong, stable, secure.. I felt grounded. 

I am co-hosting a 15 day instagram yoga challenge, called #coloryouryoga My instagram name is @flowingyogini and participants have the opportunity to win Jade Yoga mats and other prizes. Jade is the sponsor.  We will be journeying up and back down our 7 major chakras and learning how to come into balance. Please join and lets heal! Happy Spring! Happy Solar Eclipse! Happy New Moon. Happy New Beginnings!



Color Your Yoga, Chakra Therapy Yoga Challenge

Instagram Yoga Challenge! This one will be AMAZING!!!
Instagram Yoga Challenge! This one will be AMAZING!!!

I am very excited to share that I am co-hosting an upcoming 15 day yoga challenge.  The challenge is called Color Your Yoga and will be on instagram. This is a Chakra Therapy Yoga challenge, with Asana, Pranayama, Color Therapy, Mantra, Affirmations, and even food suggestions.. Our challenge begins Friday March 20th, the first day of spring, also the new moon and total solar eclipse! Wow! The challenge is sponsored by Jade Yoga Mats, so participants have the opportunity to win prizes!! A Jade Yoga Mat, yoga towel, and calendar. If you have an instagram account, Follow @flowingyogini, @justinebaconyoga and @jadeyogamats.

Energy work is what I do, who I am, and a huge part of my yoga classes.   I am excited to plan with another yoga teacher who feels the same way! Please join and share! This is sure to be amazing and healing.

Lets Color. ~Tiff

A Warm Welcome

After 3 long days of travel, we finally made it home. I was pretty much a zombie when we arrived, I was going on 2 days with less than 2 hours of sleep. And travelling with 2 kids!!

We had three long layovers, in Montreal, Toronto, and in Ponta Delgada. The super cheap tickets came at price. 😉

The final plane.. a 15 minute flight to our island..
The final plane.. a 15 minute flight to our island..

We took a small propeller plane to our island, and when we finally arrived, I finally slept.  We all slept for 15 hours.  When I woke, I was greeted by the warmth of the sun shining in through the window. The sky was bright and blue. It was a warm spring like day. The island was welcoming us home.

The Azores is an amazing place for some outdoor yoga! A warm winters day!
The Azores is an amazing place for some outdoor yoga! A warm winters day!

Enjoying the magic of the day, we went on a hike, one of my favorite hikes on the island. We layed on a soft bed of grass, did some yoga, ate some snacks, and just enjoyed all of it.

The magic of the Azores
The magic of the Azores
The Limestone Caves on the Hike
The Limestone Caves on the Hike

Today my son is back at school, the weather is chilly, and I am home, unpacking, settling in, and looking back on our 5 weeks of travels with gratitude, and excited for the adventures that await.

Be well. Happy New Moon. -Tiff

Flowing With Strength and Grace

8  months ago, I moved with my family to a small island in the Azores. And while this island is full of stunning natural beauty, and amazing people,  in many ways, it has been a struggle. Often, I have felt out of my element and exhausted.

I am living in a new land, learning to speak a new language, trying to understand the rules and rhythm of a different culture and government, meeting new people, trying to make friends, taking care of my family, breastfeeding, and trying to share my love of yoga in any way I can.

It truly is when we are out of our comfort zone that we are actually experiencing much-needed growth. A push in the direction our lives are destined to move in. This is what I remind myself when I start to feel down, overwhelmed, or just desperately want everything to be easier. This is when I really turn to the teachings of Yoga for guidance. This is when I have to remember to let go, stay in the flow, and trust.

Find Ease within the effort. 

Speaking of effort, It has required a great deal of effort to learn to teach Yoga in Portuguese.  Hours upon hours sitting with my partner, asking “How do I say this in Portuguese?”  Writing it down, and trying to pronounce the words properly.  More than once, I have gotten frustrated, felt stupid, and wanted to give up. “It is just too hard, I miss my old life, my old students, my old classes, my old community.”

Anyways, after a teaching several classes, I saw that even with my limited vocabulary, people are still getting the benefits of yoga and meditation. Yes, it is different. I cannot poetically describe the process in words, not yet anyways.  I have to show how to do a pose. If I don’t know how to say something, I simply say “Do this.” and show with my own body. But it works. The breath and the flow are the true poetry.

The truth is, when I remove my ego, my insecurities, my fears, and look at what has happened in the last several months, I see so much growth. I have much to be grateful for, there is magic at work, and clearly I am being guided.

Being out of my comfort zone, I started writing more, and I have had a few articles published.

I recently had a surge of energy guiding me to make short yoga videos, here is my latest. I honestly love the entire process of making these videos, and I am learning so much.  Made with intentions of love, and deep healing, I hope you enjoy it.


My sweetheart and I are in the September issue of Yoga Journal. Something I never thought would happen. But something I see as a message that I am on the right path and I need to keep  flowing with whatever life brings.

One of the experiences I am truly grateful for is teaching yoga outdoors this summer. I have been teaching yoga all over the island. Some of my classes have been small. Some of my classes have been large. All part of the journey. Beach yoga, forest yoga, valley yoga, fort yoga, hiking and yoga, moonrise yoga, and more. There is nothing like teaching yoga outside. There is so much wisdom in nature. The magic of yoga, the magic of nature, and the magic of the Azores. Wow. Profound healing.

Teaching Beach Yoga in Sao Lourenco
Teaching Beach Yoga in Sao Lourenco

I don’t know what the future will bring. But I know we all have the power to flow through life with strength and grace.

~Yogini Tiff


La Luna: Lessons From Saturn, A Simple Ritual

Exactly 3am, suddenly wide awake. I felt the call. “Do not try to sleep my dear daughter, there is work to be done.”  I rose out of bed and walked to the window. I greeted the Moon and got to work.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit...
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit…

That was last night, or this morning rather. There is no denying my connection to the moon. There have been times when I looked at the upcoming full moon with a sense of fear and dread.. too much energy, it is impossible for me to act or think “normally.”

BUT, when I step into my power, I honor my connection to the Moon. I am a strong wise woman, a mother, a healer, a witch. I know what to do.

I now embrace the energy of the moon. Our connection. I feel the lessons from Saturn. I also feel the need to share a little ritual.

This particular moon energy is perfect for solitary rituals. We have a huge opportunity for tremendous emotional and spiritual growth. 

Here is a simple Ritual:

First, and before the full moon rises (it rises at sunset), take a few deep breaths, and think about the following questions. Write down the questions and answers on a blank piece of paper. 

What difficulties have you encountered recently?

What lessons have you learned?

What would you like to manifest? Be very clear and descriptive about what you ask for…. 

Next, Set up a little altar. It can be as simple as a candle, a stone, a picture, an affirmation, etc…but make it meaningful to you. Think about the questions and answers, the lessons you have learned and what you would like to manifest.

To help the effectiveness of the Ritual, today eat a very “sattvic” diet, basically eat healthy, light, fresh fruit, vegetables, and drink plenty of fresh pure water. … Buddhist Lamas and monks do not eat on the new or full moon, in fact, many people choose to fast on water or juice at the full moon, but for me, eating light and healthy works best..

As the sunsets and the moonrises,  spend sometime outside or at a window. Gaze and connect with the beauty and energy of the full moon.. Slow down your breathing and you will feel strong pulsing at the third eye, and possibly your entire body. Go deeper into that feeling…

Call upon your spirit guides, angels, and other Divine beings to assist you. Visualize you have a circle of Divine light surrounding you.

Breathe! Meditate for at least 10 minutes.  Clear the mind completely and allow the powerful moon energy to  re-energize the body and soul.

When you feel ready, read your questions and answers (aloud or silently),and think about the lessons you have learned. The difficulties you encountered. Thank Saturn for the lessons and assure Saturn that you understand what you have been taught. You are ready to shed the past and create new realities.

Ask for assistance in manifesting. Close your eyes. Visualize yourself showered in light, light from the moon, and still surrounded by a circle of divine light.. Harness the energy, manifest for the highest good… Remember anything you send out (even thoughts), come back to you with three times the energy…

When you feel the time is right, thank your guides, the energy of the Moon, the lessons of Saturn, and the many blessings on their way.

Magical Full Moon Blessings
Magical Full Moon Blessings


Keep your paper in a safe place and come back to it on the next full moon. Have faith. Magic is real.

Howling at the Moon~Tiff