Yoga Dance

Dance With Yoga Asana. I choreographed and performed this a couple of days ago. It was a lot of fun and very healing. Feeling that creative energy flowing. Excited to put on a show! I hope to write and dance more soon. ❤



Be present…And Let Nature Be Your Teacher

My friend owns an old water-mill house in the Azores. It is one of my favorite places on the island and certainly one of my favorite places to do yoga. There are no roads to get here, it is a hike.  The hike passes through a giant field of cactus, a cow pasture, and then down a steep hill.  There are no other houses. There are no other people. Today, needing to recharge, we spent the day there. We had a picnic, did some yoga, got our feet wet, and took some photos. We spent the day being present with the river (stream/ribeira). The sounds,the smells, the sun, the clouds, the bugs, the plants…everything was beautiful.

Natarajasana, Santa Maria Azores
Natarajasana (Dancer Pose), Santa Maria Azores

Breathing it all in..

be present, breathing it all in

I like to quietly explore, get my feet wet, and let nature be my teacher..

Warrior III, Santa Maria Azores
Warrior III in the Ribeira, Santa Maria Azores

My sweetheart took these photos. And in the photos, I am wearing clothes from my favorite yoga clothing company, be present.

As a yoga teacher (and student), I rarely wear anything I can’t do yoga in. I like clothes that are comfortable, cute, and honor my lifestyle. be present makes really high quality clothes that are perfect for hiking, yoga, and other adventures.. 😉

If you are looking for clothes and want to support a great and environmentally conscious company, I suggest checking out be present. Here is their website.

Magical Watermill house
Magical Watermill house

By the way, this is the same little river that passes in front of my house…. but I guess all rivers lead to the same place. Same is true with life. Enjoy it. Be present.

~Yogini Tiff

I Am Much Nicer When I Practice Yoga

I woke up this morning, already stricken with worries.  Thoughts, one after the other, many toxic and full of worry, began to drag me down. 7 am and I already felt a little defeated.  But the spirit deep inside me spoke and said ” You know what to do, unroll your yoga mat. “

Connecting to my spirit, pregnant Yogini tiff
Connecting to my spirit

Literally probably within three breaths, the worries were gone. All the toxic energy melting away, and healing energy floating in.. Tightness dissolving, relaxation and then bliss. Healing on every level.Connected, body, mind, and spirit..

It is when I practice yoga, I feel I am truly cleansing, I tap into my spirit, and allow spirit to guide me. I am able to operate from a place of trust. It is when I am connected that I am able to see all the magic unfolding in life. All the magic. The interconnections. There is balance.

Life presents us all with challenges, no doubt. BUT, if we can see the lesson, and trust the process, we grow, become kinder, more compassionate, more loving.

My Wise Angelic Sister friend.. We are of the same TRIBE
My Wise Angelic Sister friend Elsa.. We are of the same TRIBE

A quote from my dear friend Elsa,  Wise words about life. “It is ok if it challenges you, my darling.”

And it is ok. 

Anyways, this is just a short, ‘from the spirit’ post, with a little message: Find whatever it is that helps you move into your  bliss, dancing, surfing, yoga, running, gardening, whatever it is. Go there often, because this is where the magic begins..

~Yogini Tiff

Yoga with Friends ~Set to Good Music~

This is just a quick post I wanted to share with you all.My friends and I love yoga.. so I put together a little video set to the music of Vaisnava.. (Vaisnava is a talented musician and he also happens to be my little brother).. strange I know, a yoga teacher with a brother who makes really awesome yoga music.. Life! Please watch, listen, breathe and enjoy.

xxxxx~Yogini Tiff

Guided Relaxation.. and photos of Atlantis.. (Santa Maria, Azores)

This is a  a guided relaxation I made with the musician Vaisnava (my little brother).  The photos are all from the island I live on now. (Santa Maria). I am reblogging this because I did it yesterday and was shocked at how good it was, and shocked at how many views it has gotten. 😉

I hope you enjoy. Relax and be well.

~Yogini Tiff

Michael Franti at Sunfest

We went to Sunfest for the first time on Saturday, the biggest full moon of the year.  Everyone was in a good mood. Sunfest is a music and art festival held every year in West Palm Beach, Florida.  It is a five-day festival, with tons of bands and three different stages. Michael Franti played this year, so of course, we had to go!

Michael Franti, mar, and me

I love Michael Franti.  His music, his message, and he just seems like a really nice guy (and he loves yoga!). I saw him play years ago in Colorado at Red Rocks. I listen to his music all the time.Many of his songs have powerful messages. Messages of peace, social justice, and love. We got to meet him. He has kindness in his eyes.

We went to the festival with a really good friend of mine. Casandra Tanenbaum. Casandra  is a  dancer, a hoop instructor, a teacher, a yogini, a grad student, and more.  She created and organizes the Florida Flow Festival held yearly in Lake Worth Florida. The festival has workshops on Poi, Hoop Dance, Yoga, and other movement. It is awesome. She is awesome.

Hanging out with Casandra…hoop magic

She is really fun to hang out with.

Groove and Flow

Anyways, we danced for hours, and drank gallons of lemonade.We watched Soja (also a really good band) and Michael Franti. Music and dancing. Celebrating life.

My kid Levitates

I understand why they call it “SunFest”. It was hot. No clouds. No shade. But regardless of the heat, we had a great time.

Flowing with Fans

I feel blessed. Music is powerful.

I love you. I love you. I love you.