Guided Visualization and Relaxation For Healing And Purification

A couple of weeks ago, while driving home, my daughter in a deep sleep, a strange feeling flooded through me, and I pulled to the side of the road, closed my eyes, and recorded this visualization and relaxation.

I hope it brings you healing and peace.

With love, Yogini Tiff



Energy, Orbs, Fairies, Magic, Yoga, Light, Peace, Beauty, Listen
Energy, Orbs, Angels, Fairies, Magic, Yoga, Light, Peace, Beauty

“There is a voice, that doesn´t use words, LISTEN.”~Rumi


Therapy For The Manipura Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra-The Manipura Chakra

Navasana/Boat Pose Perfect pose for the Manipura Chakra
Navasana/Boat Pose Perfect pose for the Manipura Chakra

Color: Yellow

Element: FIRE

Location: Above the navel, but below the sternum

Bija Seed Sound:Ram

Emotions, Feelings, And Beliefs Associated with this chakra:The manipura chakra is associated with will power, self-esteem, inner strength, our personal power! When out of balance it can manifest as anger, jealously, or depression, or feelings of being unworthy.

Yoga Asanas: Any core strengthening poses, Boat Pose, Plank, Forearm Plank, Inverted Plane, Twists,and Revolved Triangle, to share a few.. And of course the Sun Salutations!!!

yoga poses for chakra
Reverse Plank For Manipura Chakra Health / An Invigorating Powerful pose!

Foods: Eating food that helps with digestion like fennel, ginger, Kombucha, turmeric, and chamomile help, as do bananas, lemons, squash, and bell peppers (go for the yellow). Go For Spicy!!!

Forearm Plank to Strengthen the Core
Forearm Plank to Strengthen the Core

Affirmations:: I am strong, confident, and unique. I am worthy of love, respect, and kindness. I AM EMPOWERED!

An unbalanced manipura chakra can lead to many problems.. Eating disorders are associated with this chakra. I suffered from Bulimia for many years, and it wasn’t until i committed to a regular yoga practice, that i fully recovered. To me, Manipura chakra imbalances are easily recognizable in others, but it takes great effort, and coming to a place of self-love and worthiness, to really heal. 

I send you warm rays of sunshine. You are worthy. ~Tiff

I Am Much Nicer When I Practice Yoga

I woke up this morning, already stricken with worries.  Thoughts, one after the other, many toxic and full of worry, began to drag me down. 7 am and I already felt a little defeated.  But the spirit deep inside me spoke and said ” You know what to do, unroll your yoga mat. “

Connecting to my spirit, pregnant Yogini tiff
Connecting to my spirit

Literally probably within three breaths, the worries were gone. All the toxic energy melting away, and healing energy floating in.. Tightness dissolving, relaxation and then bliss. Healing on every level.Connected, body, mind, and spirit..

It is when I practice yoga, I feel I am truly cleansing, I tap into my spirit, and allow spirit to guide me. I am able to operate from a place of trust. It is when I am connected that I am able to see all the magic unfolding in life. All the magic. The interconnections. There is balance.

Life presents us all with challenges, no doubt. BUT, if we can see the lesson, and trust the process, we grow, become kinder, more compassionate, more loving.

My Wise Angelic Sister friend.. We are of the same TRIBE
My Wise Angelic Sister friend Elsa.. We are of the same TRIBE

A quote from my dear friend Elsa,  Wise words about life. “It is ok if it challenges you, my darling.”

And it is ok. 

Anyways, this is just a short, ‘from the spirit’ post, with a little message: Find whatever it is that helps you move into your  bliss, dancing, surfing, yoga, running, gardening, whatever it is. Go there often, because this is where the magic begins..

~Yogini Tiff