Guided Visualization and Relaxation For Healing And Purification

A couple of weeks ago, while driving home, my daughter in a deep sleep, a strange feeling flooded through me, and I pulled to the side of the road, closed my eyes, and recorded this visualization and relaxation.

I hope it brings you healing and peace.

With love, Yogini Tiff


Corpse pose:Close Your Eyes and Go Deeper, Cover Your Eyes and Go Deeper Still

With all the challenges I have faced in my life,  I have found that the single most important thing I do is maintain a consistent yoga practice. My yoga practice always changes, sometimes a strong physical practice, sometimes gentle and restorative. But in every yoga practice, there is one pose I always do. Corpse pose. I believe this pose is the most healing and restorative yoga pose in existence. This is where we experience and bring forth who we truly are.   Savasana.

Yogini Tiff, and Clare Buckland (Bikram Yoga Teacher), enjoying the healing power of Savasana
Yogini Tiff, and Clare Buckland (Bikram Yoga Teacher), enjoying the healing power of Savasana

To truly move deep into corpse pose and feel the power, you have to be very relaxed, very comfortable. Lay on your back, arms resting at your sides, palms facing up, feet open a little more than shoulder width apart. Close the eyes and bring the awareness to the rhythm of the breath. The mind relaxes. Slowly, a feeling of peace softly blankets the entire body.

A guided relaxation can help one move very deep, and covering the eyes can allow one to go even deeper still. You can cover the eyes with a small towel, a shirt, a blanket, or better yet, an eye pillow.

Eye Pillows for deep relaxation
Eye Pillows for deep relaxation

In Love with the Eye Pillow

I love using an eye pillow while in savasana. Eye pillows help block out light and help relax the muscles of the eyes. I have made several eye pillows in the past. All that  is needed is some soft material (silk), dried lavender (other relaxing herbs are also good), flax seeds or dry rice, and a little bit of sewing. I am terrible at sewing so I find it takes a long time to make an eye pillow. Luckily there are options for those of us challenged by the art of sewing. 

I recently was given  an eye pillow made by Barefoot Yoga company. I love it. It is beautiful. The lavender helps me relax deeper, and the weight over my eyes is so comforting. The silk is calming and cooling. It comes with an eye pillow case.. which helps protect the pillow and can be washed. (very important).

Eye Pillow by Barefoot Yoga Co.
Eye Pillow by Barefoot Yoga Co.

If you need a good gift idea for a yogi or yogini you love, consider making or purchasing an eye pillow. They are inexpensive.And very beneficial. Here is the link to Barefoot Yoga Company. And just like me, they are from the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

To surrendering and going deeper. Be well.

~Yogini Tiff

Special note: I am currently in my second trimester of pregnancy. Laying on back for longer than a few moments, is not recommended at this point in pregnancy. laying on left side, with a pillow in between legs is the final relaxation pose for prenatal yoga. Covering eyes with a small towel works best for prenatal relaxation.